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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spam Problems, and free books for my classroom.

You know that word verification password you have to type to prove you are 'human'?  I am sorry friends, but I had to turn it on. I am getting tons of very inappropriate comments and I need a break from deleting them. I do know this may reduce the amount of times someone comments on my blog (I hope not), but the language being used is kinda nasty. I may try to turn it off in a few weeks and try again. I'm sorry!
This is a picture of all the books I have in my library, minus all the books the kids have in their browsing boxes. 
I have never thought I have enough books. I always want more books. I always need more books :)
I get books from our monthly Scholastic book club, and today...
I attended a book sale. Today,  teachers are allowed to grab as many books as you want for free. The book sale for the public begins tomorrow. I walked out with 3 huge boxes and a big smile. 
Where do you get your books from?

Time for me to shop! Today is the last day and clipart, borders and a few other second grade products are waiting for me. Hello Wishlist!  Don't forget to leave feedback. 
Don't forget to leave feedback. MSS Store.


  1. Tania-sorry to read about the Spam and inappropriate comments you have been receiving! YOUR BLOG ROCKS! Stop by anytime!

  2. Sorry to hear about the spam comments :( That stinks!
    Don't worry - we don't mind proving we're not robots :)

    I LOVE scoping out book sales - I hit one almost every weekend! Library sales, garage sales, used book stores, you name it. If there are books to be had, I'll be there! :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. Oh no! I've been scared of that happening but I hear it's very common :(

    You got how many books for free??? That is awesome! My usual place is Goodwill. The books are typically in good shape and super cheat. My husband and I browse through used bookstores on the weekends too and pick up books here and there.
    Gotta love good deals on books:)

  4. The spamming happened to me at one point as annoying! I decided that I would switch my settings on who can comment- and turned off anonymous commenting. That helped, and I didn't have to turn on the captcha thing.


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