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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Without a Topic in Mind

I have a few conference left for tomorrow. Most of them will be phone conferences (I am going to surprise them since they did not sign up to meet with me). My room will be a bit messy as I take out my track out to do list (which is really long at the moment) and decide what I really want to get done.

I do not have any plans for my almost three week break besides working on some TPT stuff, clean the house and do some fun things with my own kids. I am also planning lunch dates with friends I never get to see.  Relaxing and having the house to myself will be great!

I have one thing on sale on TPT and the day I sold my first one I screamed, texted my husband and waited for some feedback. Not sure why but the feedback from my sales has not come. I wonder if it is terrible, helpful, descent, or just plain OK.  How do you encourage your buyers to let you know about their purchase?

Ms. Santana from The Learning Tree sent me this cute sign from her 500 Giveaway. Thanks Kimberly!

My principal is retiring and I am heartbroken. I said it. I love her.
What is it like to have a new principal?  I have only worked for two, but this is the first time I will work for someone who did not hire me... and that is stressing me out!  Any advice?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is Here!

We have had some gorgeous weather around here. I am so glad my kids get to enjoy recess without complaining melting. Today I may have extended our recess for 10 minutes today. Don't tell anyone :)  

I am looking forward to celebrating Halloween, having my kids eat tons of candy for one night, and celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary. 

Casey is celebrating the beginning of Fall with a blog hop and I was invited! I couldn't say no. I am easy  sometimes :)

There is only one tiny problem.

I  have... one...You read that right, one... item on sale. Nothing else :) 

My first three week break begins in a week. I think I will be working hard on showing you some things I have been working on lately. 

At the end of the day is all about the fun and the support we show to each other, right? 

It is report card weekend for me. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Teacher's Fundraiser

Alisha's friend, Tiffany, was recently diagnosed with Hodkins Lymphoma Cancer. She recently found out it is in stage 3. 

You can learn more about Tiffani here

The teacher community is getting together trying to do what we can, to help out. All the money raised will go towards Tiffany's medical expenses. 

More than 30 Amazing Bloggers have offered more than units from their shops. All you need is to do donate a minimum of $20.00 and you will receive your units after the donation is verified. 

Please visit The Bubbly Blonde Teacher to place your donation.

I donated. Could you help us? 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Winner, Laminator, and Kindergarten Common Core

Thanks to all of you who entered my mini-giveaway. We have a Winner!

I am going to have to call my cool friend Joni and see if she has anything new I could buy :)

Just found a new cute blog....and she is giving away a laminator. I want one...badly!

Sensational Seconds

Why is a second grade teacher blogging about a Kinder book? Well... I have a few kiddos who need kinder skills, and this books looks like something I could really use for them.
600 page collection of worksheets, and activities for teaching the Kindergarten Common know, the CC.  It includes ideas for math and language arts. Woohoooo.

I cannot wait until they have the second grade one!

Tell Me Something Good

I have been really negative. I have :(  I am extremely overwhelmed with Common Core.
I had a couple of bad days last week feeling like I am doing everything wrong, because nothing feels right (at work). I need to feel good, I need to do something good. Concentrate on the good of it all. Jennifer is hosting a linky party where GOOD is what is all about. Thanks Jennifer. I needed that :)

My something good from school:
I work with an amazing group of people. We work well together, communicate, encourage each
other....and more importantly... I know we are doing what is right for kids.
My class is writing tons during our literacy block. Responding to Reading has been a huge hit! I have a great set of parents who have been nothing but supportive of my 'strict' style.  I call it high expectations...but some call it something else :)  

My something good from home: 
I have two amazing, healthy children. My daughter is reading!!! She just entered kindergarten.  My son seems to like school a little bit more and has made new friends.  My amazing husband passed all his training and the man does anything I ask him to do.  What else could I ask for?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How do you show your feelings? (freebie)

This week during Writer's Workshop, we worked on showing our feelings by using specific actions.

I had faces ready for them to use. The kids worked in small groups and began brainstorming one characteristic that could describe how you look, or what you do that matched that facial expression. Each group had the chance to write one word and rotate through the rest of the classroom where the other cards were located.

After each group had the chance to participate I made this:

The next couple of days, we reviewed our chart and talked about expressing our feeling through actions and specific details. They had to write some 'feeling sentences' to practice.

Some of my favorites:

I had a very red face when my sister pinched me.
My mouth was wide open the day I saw my new dog.
In the morning my face was really, really red because my mom woke me up.
My legs were shaking on the first day of school.
When I got a new toy I was jumping up and down.
The day my brother cut up my pompoms, I yelled loudly because I could not use them anymore.
Seeing a big black bear, makes my body shake without control.
I had tears down my eyes, the day my brother went to the beach for a whole week.

Here are the case you like them :) do you show your feelings?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mini Giveaway

What happens when life gets hectic, husband goes away for two weeks straight, you barely remember to eat breakfast and report cards are due in two weeks (already)?...

New awesome people find your blog and decide to give you a chance to become bloggy friends!!! 
Thanks to all of you cool people :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tokens! My behavior Management

I remember reading about this behavior system loooong time ago while student teaching. Once I had my first classroom, I began thinking about behavior management. I did the green, yellow, and red lights my first year without much success. It was not for me.
Once I changed schools that system was not allowed well received by my new principal, so my token system was born... Tokens were it!

I purchased a few bags of color counters. I then used my sharpie and began numbering twenty color counters. 20 ones, 20 two's, 20 three's... and so on. I placed them in a letter box from Lakeshore (used for alphabet cards).

My students have PIN numbers (alphabetical by first name) and they'll do anything for tokens!

In the beginning of the year tokens are given every minute of the day for anything done right: Writing the date on the right side of the paper, being quiet in the hallway, showing manners, using neat handwriting, remembering routines, staying on task, participating during class discussions... anything that highlights making great choices :)

I feel like a crazy token lady!  I see tokens...I dream tokens :)  But I promise you, it works!!

"So and so...go get a token for ________"  Thank you for doing that!

When the kids get tokens they place them in a jewelry bag I purchased at Michael's.

Once they have earned twenty tokens, the kids exchange them for a Token reward: homework pass, computer time, morning greeters, bring stuffed animal to school, sweet treat (purchased by me), wearing a hat to school... and the cycle begins all over again.

On the other hand...they can also loose tokens for making poor choices. I try not to take any tokens away and concentrate on the good.  But rewards and consequences go together, right?

During Open House the best topic is "Tokens!"... and I that, always brings a smile to my face.  Who said anything about learning if you can earn tokens?

Monday, September 3, 2012

September Currently and Buddy Blogging

WOW!  Life has been busy. I can't tell you how much I have been meaning to get in touch with you. I miss you.

Quick recap:
-Went back to school (July 30th) and cannot seem to get it together. Common Core is making feel like a first year teacher all over again.  No worries... I have energy to survive it all!
- My mom visited for three months. While she was here I did...nothing! She made my breakfast, my lunch, cleaned the house, ironed all the clothing (for the whole family), entertained the kids, helped with my laminating, cutting and gluing, .... Well, she left and I am dying here without her help.
- I have 22 kiddos who are keeping me on my toes. Routines are pretty much a part of our everyday now. I just need to teach. Daily Five is going great!
- We celebrated a July birthday, and two August birthdays (mine and my daughter's). Cake or cupcakes anyone?

Farley created the cutest Currently this month!!!

My favorites:
- I love my room mom. She is helpful, fun, outgoing...  I can always count on her.  She was my room mom last year, so we know each other well. She truly gets how much I care.
-My kids went back to school. Uniform shopping is always fun. I wish everyone wore uniforms. Mornings are much easier. My daughter is beyond excited about kindergarten! 
- Year round schools.  I get my first three week break in four weeks. Nothing like a mental break :)

Have you visited Amanda's blog?  She is fantabulous!  Her blog has amazing ideas and I had the priviledge to be part of her Budding Blogger Showcase Series.  Visit her... you will fall in love with her passion for teaching.

Feliz Dia del Trabajo (Happy Labor Day).  I want a hamburger!