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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently and Bloglovin' Giveaway

It's (early) currently time. But who does not love Farley? I am happy having early Farley time!

I said goodbye to my precious class yesterday with tears and many hugs. My heart is still feeling blue and achy. I am hoping for a good class!!!!

This week, I get to spend it attending meetings and more meeting (I will do my best to stay awake), meeting new team members and getting ready for Meet the Teacher on Tuesday.

But life is good! I am beyond lucky.

Listening: TV background to keep the kids occupied. I know. I am a bad mom for working on school and blog stuff.

Loving: My mom is visiting for a month. Today we did some serious shopping damage. It felt good spending time with her and actually feeling like somebody listens to me while I shop. Hubby is not so good at it. Shopping time is exactly what I needed. This girl needed something new for Meet the Teacher on Tuesday.

Thinking: about our first trip to the mountains. We are renting a small cabin near Ashville. A week of relaxation, fishing, canoeing and sight seeing. I am dying to visit the Biltmore. 

Wanting: to clean my classroom and get it ready for Meet the Teacher. 
I will be in my classroom tomorrow (yes, on Sunday) to do some deep cleaning. My cubbies have billions of  hand prints. Mr. Clean magic erasers and I will spend some quality time together. 

Needing: I have so much to share with you about my end of the year projects. I am hoping to schedule some of these posts while I relax next to the beautiful lake, watching my kids fish with their dad. 

Tips, trick, or hints: This may sound harsh, but I so hate when bloggers blog about their products all. the.time. A balance between post are a most. IMO.
Please do not misunderstand me. The extra money is heavenly. I tutor on the side and my TPT money is my play money. I truly appreciate all of you who have purchased something from me, or from any of the amazing bloggers out there. But really, I do not like reading a blog and feeling I am reading a commercial after commercial. Enough said :)

And last, but not least.
I am sure you have heard about the Bloglovin' craze. Leave me a comment telling me you are following my blog via Bloglovin', followed by your username. I will be picking three winners to choose an item from my TPT store. I will announce the 3 awesome people on Tuesday night.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday (One more week Edition)

5 more days. 5 more days. 5 more days....can you say it with me?

I am honestly in a bit of pain knowing my kiddos are moving on. I had a fantabulous class this year. An amazing room mom for the last two years and parents who supported me through out the year. It does not get any better than that, right? I wish I had thought about looping.
I am counting the hours by now, but not because I want to get a new class. I just want the paperwork to disappear. I want to keep my babies!!!

In honor of my last week, I am linking up to Doodle Bugs to share my random pictures.


I need to decorate the hallway and these cuties helped a lot. We will be adding more next week.

I finished my student planners. I think this will keep my kids more organized, and parents well informed.

We made postcards to stay in touch with each other during track out. Even though our break is only 3 weeks, getting things in the mail is always nice (minus bills).

On Wednesday I took my last class (Close Reading). Followed by Mexican food and sopapillas. Yum!

I have one more mClass training day. The last one was on running records. Holly Cow!  I am overwhelmed!
How am I going to do this? I can write a million times faster than use a stylus and type. I must take it home and practice with my kids.

Survival mode has quicked in.  I hope you had a week full of memories :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Washi Notebooks

I wanted to share a quick project I did with my class today. We called them Washi notebooks :)

This is what you need:
- Notebooks
- Mod Podge
- Brushes
- White construction paper
- Washi tape

Step 1: Mod Podge the cover of the notebook. I used mini notebooks, but you can easily use regular composition notebooks.
Step 2: We used white construction paper to cover all the words from the cover. I knew the tape would notcover the words, so we were ready to add a white background. Mod Podge over the construction paper. Let it dry.
Step 3- Use the washi tape to cover the construction paper.
Step 4- Trim the edges and tada! Your Washi notebook is all done :)

Any washi tape lovers out there? Hope you get inspired and begin creating :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Congrats Stacy! I am sending your information to Misty. Can't wait to see what you choose.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Teacher Toolbox Trio (Linky) and a Blogiversary Giveaway.

Alison from Eberopolis posted this linky about three TPT products. I thought it will be fun to join. If you are a TPT junkie like me, this may be for you too :)
These are the rules:
1- Share a product that you have made that you couldn't live without.
2- Share a product that you have purchased that you love.
3- Share something from your wishlist that you are hoping to get for next year.

* If you are not a TPT seller, no worries, just share two products you have purchases that you love!

Something I made: My nonfiction text features folders. I can now teach all those text features in a way my kids 'get it'. The kids have their laminated folders in their book boxes. When I see them opening them up while reading a nonfiction heart pumps a little faster. Let's not forget I love the clip art!
Find them HERE.

Something I purchased: This gumball math packet has saved my life this year. Learning math facts has a new different meaning in my classroom. Friday is our gumball math test and the kids remind me if I forget to give the test right after the bell rings. 
Find it HERE.

Wish list item: I want this...badly. The whole entire thing looks like the perfect thing for me to have. My birthday is not anytime soon. Well, August is kinda close, right?
Find it HERE.

Thanks for reading! And following! And commenting! And for doing what you do best :)

Oh...wait!  I must tell you about a new bloggy friend. I really LOVE this girl. She has been incredible to me and she scrapbooks!
Sara has a super cute blog and with almost 800 followers is celebrating her first Blogiversary.
Come over and say hello HERE. Today, you'll have the chance to win something from me and many other amazing bloggers :)

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

iPhone Case Giveaway!

She arrived!  My iphone case that is. Nothing like nice mail waiting for you on a kind of sunny, kind of cloudy day, super wet from yesterday's rain, kind of day.

I love supporting creative people, and Etsy is full of creative amazing crafters. If you are a blogger, you know how important it is to feel supported by your followers and blogger buddies. 

I found Misty and her adorable Etsy store while browsing for a customized  iphone case. She sells custom iphone and ipad cases to die for. 

The transaction was so fast, it took me longer to decide what to get, than to receive my case. I contacted her. I sent her the links of the elements I liked. She put it together. I immediately received a proof and today my mailbox made me smile :) 
Her customer service is superb!  I loved the fact that she pictured exactly what I was looking for. 
I sent a picture of my new case (as soon as I opened the box) to my hubby, and he said "that is all you". Score!

Misty is so sweet and  generous, she is giving away one iphone case to one of my blog followers!  

This is what we'd like for you to do to enter this giveaway...pretty please?
To show your support for Misty:
- Follow her Facebook Page
- Follow her Etsy shop
- Like any of her items from her Etsy shop
To show your love for me :)
- Pin any of her super cute cases
- Pin the giveaway
- Follow my blog

So far, Misty has 588 Etsy followers and 416 Facebook likes.

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from her awesome shop. 

Floral, nautical...
Stripes, monograms, polka dots...
Chevron and chevron glitter!
Customize everything!!!  Color, font, case, monogram.
*I highly recommend the Tough Case Upgrade. It is worth every penny.

MY super duper cute polka dot cover.  I love red and polka dots. I could not make myself order anything different.

Time to enter. Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 for Friday (inlcuding Winners)!!!!!!!!!!  Can you feel the excitement? 15 days to go, and I am counting. I need to get things done and while the number of days gets smaller, so does my to-do list. I am a happy girl  :)

Testing is over!  We had two days of standardized testing. On day one, the kids took the reading test, and got smarties with a little 'love' note. I loved seeing them underlining and using the text to help them find the best answer. On day two, they received another note from me and tootsie rolls.
The kids used the note card to guide them with the bubbling. Scores are not in yet, but whatever they got they have received the highest score from me from trying so hard. They worked so hard I could have cried.

I am loving my retelling wands. Instead of picking one winner, I picked three. Ladies, please check your email.  I hope they are helpful.

I never read chapter books. I am a fiction, quick reading kind of girl. But this time I decided to read my ultimate favorite chapter book. Today we watched the movie. Imagine... pillows, blankets, Cheez-its, cookies and popcorn... Can you say lazy/hyper day?

Today we had mClass training. K-3 teachers received a new nice ipad, case, stylus and the newest and latest assessment tool. We will be using it for the first time in our county. I am quite excited about it!. This really looks like an awesome tool. Does anyone have any mClass experience? I'd love to hear your input.

I am finalizing my A-Z ideas for the end of the year. My plan is to take tons of pictures and share. 
26 ideas, 15 days left...yes we can!

Happy Friday everyone!  Don't forget to link up here.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retelling Wands

The last two weeks, the kids and I did our last review on retelling fiction and nonfiction. I knew I was about to start doing running records and I needed one more change to drill teach these in a different way.
My five leveled groups had two books: one fiction and one nonfiction. The kids met in groups and read with a buddy. We described, defined and retold each element orally and in writing.

We reviewed every single fiction and nonfiction element of the story. 
My students used my latest product, and loved it :)
Find it HERE

60 pages:circles to create your wands, full page posters (colored background) , half way posters (using less ink), and all the retelling in writing forms.
Turn a paint stick + paint spray + Velcro into a wand. 
Use when your students are Reading to Someone (and checking for understanding), retelling during a running record or retelling in writing. 

 Retelling in writing.

I had to try something different and this seemed to do the trick for most of them. They were asked to offer evidence from their text and I was so happy when I saw the results.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you do with the kiddos who do not get author's message?

Ready to win one? Let me know if you are following my blog via Google friend and via Bloglovin' and your name will be entered. I will pick two winners tomorrow night.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently June

June it is!  I am so jealous happy for all of you who are off already, or almost there. Farley is ready for this months hot currently, and so am I :)

Listening: My daughter has shown all the 'teacher' signs. Right now she is teaching her invisible students a a few teddies how to skip count and read sigh words. I love how she sounds like her amazing kindergarten teacher.
I have already told her I am not paying for college if she decides to follow mommy's steps. I will continue to persuade her for as long as I can :)
Loving: I decided to create student planners for next year. Taking my WOW folders to a new level with a little more organization. Would you come back and visit? I will be finishing it off very soon :)
Thinking: I.can't.sleep.anymore. I am already thinking about next school year. My 'new' ideas are flowing and they happen to come to me around 12:00 am.  Last week I was up around 2:30 writing ideas down. Let's just say some extra coffee was consumed the day 3 big cups of coffee :)
Wanting: My iphone 4s was my Mother's Day present from hubby and the kids. Now, I need to wait for hubby to let me borrow his credit card and get a personalized cover. I looked for a sturdy and cute combination and this is what I found. Misty has a cute Etsy shop and is now creating tough cases. 

These are my favorite. Which one do you like?
iPhone 4 case, monogram iPhone 4s Case, rainbow iPhone case, heart chevron 163monogram iPhone 4 Case - personalized iphone case, black pink chevron iphone 4 case, initials iphone 4s case, 193
glitter iPhone 4 Case, chevron iphone case, monogram iphone 4 case, 134 (NOT REAL GLITTER)       iPhone 4 Case, glitter iPhone 4 case, bling chevron iphone 4s case - lipstick pink 142 (NOT REAL GLITTER)
iPhone 4 Case monogrammed - iphone 4s case personalized - modern herringbone lipstick pink brown - 109   iPhone 4 Case, monogram iPhone 4 case, polka dots iPhone 4s case, personalized with your name - 257
Needing: to survive the next 4 weeks. My to-do list is stressing me out. I like to check things off quickly. But I must concentrating on what's important. Lovin' my kiddos for the next 20 days of school.  That is all I have.  
20 days to make more memories. The rest.... is just paperwork.

3 Vacation Essentials: Cold drinks, sandals and Nikon camera.

Don't forge to the rule of three :)