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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Need a Graph?

Have you met Jaime? Her blog Bright Concept 4 Teachers is full with great ideas and her craftivities are super cute.
She is the sweetest bloggy friend ever! Our classes are Pen Pals. I have to confess I am doing a super bad job with the pen paling (that is a word, right?). It has been hard for me to be on time with our letters.
She checks out anything I send her  and gives me great feedback. I feel loved by her. I feel her love every time we converse via email :)
She lives pretty much on the side of the country. NC and CA are not that close. Boo! 

So, once, not so long ago, we exchanged a product we both needed. Score!

Let me show you...
Gotta love collecting data!  I mean, we (as teachers) collect enough data. This time, the kids do all the work :)
My kids enjoyed the variety. I surely did!
You'll find all of these in her packet
The best part was finding a variety of levels. I used every single one of her graphs.
I separated my class. My struggling ones sat at the rainbow table and did the graphs with me. I did a lot of reviewing and questioning. I also met with the intermediate kids. They solved their graphs with a partner at the rainbow table as well. My high kiddos had a ball working on collecting data (surveys). They did all of their work independently (music to my ears).

Graphing Through the Year was a huge success in my room. If you need a graph for your low, medium and high kiddos. This is it. I promise you, you will not be very pleased :) Find it HERE

Now... who should I beg for a product next?  :) 


  1. Love ya, girl! Thanks for the wonderful shout out! I am so glad your kids had fun with the activities. I have letters ready to send to you. I just need to get to the post office!!!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. Hi Tania
    I had a pen pal class years ago and loved it. We committed to sending things once a month and that was a lot. Life gets so busy. It's so fun and the kiddos love it though. I'm your newest follower.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After


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