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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Instagram Every Tuesday!

I fought it. I really did. Then I read the fun Tuesday party is about to get started and I had to give in. I opened an Instagram account for my blog. 
Needless to say I am clueless. Really. I may have a date with utube tonight :)
I am hoping someone will come up with a how-to Instagram, or this girl is going to be in trouble.

What The Teacher Wants and Apples and ABCs are hosting the party. You'll be able to share classroom pictures on Tuesdays. All under one roof :)

I am going to try to fix my hair one of these days, and share a picture of me :) 

Find me @mysecondsense. 

I took one picture. I then read you can follow people on line. I am so totally confused. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

End of the Year Awards (Button Style).

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you are taking some time to relax today.
Lesson planning is the last thing on my to do list this Sunday. The weather is beautiful around here, and I am planning to enjoy it after I press publish.

Who is ready for the end of the school year?

I am so not raising my hand on this one. But I am certainly thinking about my end of the year gift, party, and the rest of the holidays I have with my sweet bunch.
Please do know that I have at least two that keep me on my toes. All of us need at least one (if not two), right?

Well. I finished them. And I am in love...again :)  Find then HERE.
40 Buttons, Planning Sheet and... they are editable. 
So if you are as Type A picky as I am, you may appreciate the fact that you can type the kids' names. 

We have decided to go out for Mexican tonight because hubby wants one of these. 
       I will probably share one with him...extra salt, please :)

I'd love to send two of you my latest product. All you have to do is guess what I will be eating for dinner (remember, Mexican). Include one dinner item and one dessert item. 
I am hungry now!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five for Friday (back to Work) and Fourth Grade Common Core Book

Linking up with Doodle bugs :) 
Well...back to work I went this week. My babies are bigger and better than ever. Really.
They were on task, finishing their work, behaved well... In one word. Perfect :) Don't ask me in about a month and a half.

We started our informational writing unit. I am a bit behind. It was on my lesson plans before our break, but I decided to wait and go all the way once we came back. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Another clean room. We have a formal living room we never got to use. One, because we do not have any extra furniture, and two, because we wanted the monsters downstairs. 
The toy room has been revamped and cleaned and organized. So far they have kept it clean. I am making some cute labels for my daughter. Will show you when they are done. But you see the difference, right? Hubby cannot believe I know how to clean :)
Just finished my lastest product. Will be writing my post tonight. Will you visit again tomorrow and let me know what you think?  
The  “Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook” has been released  No. I do not teach 4th grade, but I have a fourth grader at home and I would LOVE this book for him :) 

This book has the largest collection of activities for teaching 4th grade CCS.  It includes over 859 worksheets, activity centers and poster. It covers all math and language arts CCS! You can get it HERE.

And last, but not least, a picture of a beautiful tree outside of my mother in law's house. Spring is here people!!!  Pollen too :( The yucky yellow stuff is everywhere, but who cares when you get to enjoy nature at its best.

So, that's it. You know me. A woman of few words. I LOVE to talk, but writing has never been my forte.

* I am link 151...right after Farley. I feel SO special!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Earth Day Freebie Alert! - with a bribe

I made some bookmarks for you and I am also sharing the Earth Day Button found in my latest product.

Find them all HERE.

You can find the original post HERE to get more details.

To get your freebie, all you have to do is pin my Year Long Celebration Buttons, and send me your link when you email me:

Who knew I would bribe my teacher bloggers? :)  I feel a little bit of guilt. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday (House Edition)

It is FRIDAY!!!!!  Well, maybe I should not be this happy, because today is my last day off.  But I am happy for you!
Link up HERE :)
Track out has come to an end. I have a workday on Monday and my kiddos come back Tuesday.
I enjoyed my break, and I am sooo ready for round four. 11 weeks left with my babies.

The hubby and I did some work together around the house, and created a house to do list. We have lived here almost 5 years and it still looks like we juts moved in.
While he was at work, I did a ton of spring cleaning. One day he came back, and asked what I had done with his wife :)

The 'working on the house' continues..

You see those ugly over grown bushes????? They are at a better place right now. Not sure where, but they are gone. We never liked them.  We are putting down some pavers, planters, a little table and chairs to enjoy some morning coffee and watch the kids while the play with the neighborhood kids. Right now, we are waiting for the HOA to 'allow' us to finish. 

I went window shopping. Target has these cool hanging thingies. Another project in the works needs something on the wall, and I thought they would be perfect. 
I found the spoon to make friends with the fork, but my kitchen does not have much wall space :(

We received some sample wood pieces along with an estimate for our living room. Do you think they match what we already have? The hardwood on the left is what we have right now in the kitchen and formal dining room. The nasty carpet in the living room must go. 

My office transformation!  I spent five hours yesterday cleaning this nasty place. I should be ashamed of myself for showing this picture. But I am so happy with the results, I am OK with you seeing it.
There are a few details I am working on. Once that is finished, I will show you a bit more of the magic transformation. 

Post-it heaven!  This picture is only related to the house projects because I did some tutoring at home. After my tutoring session, I took my student to a frozen yogurt place down the street. I had never been there. It was her choice. I just loved the post-it wall gallery.
I am planning on taking my kids there this weekend and creating a paste piece to post there :)

'Till my next track out!  My house is about to be neglected for a while.

Any secrets on how to keep a house clean?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Year Long Celebration Buttons!

I am still celebrating being tracked out :) Cleaning, organizing, creating and cleaning some more.

Celebrating holidays and special occasions in the classroom, comes in different forms. Sometimes, you may celebrate doing a craft, read a book about a particular topic, invite mystery readers, eat some yummy cupcakes, or have your traditional 'festival' or small party.

I enjoy making something for any occasional. I do. I make the kids work hard, but they know a holiday means, we will do something to celebrate. I think it is important to have fun things going on, that break the routine a bit :)

I've had some time to think of something new I'd like to try. It involves buttons, clear buttons, that is.
I went to Michael's and purchased two entire rows of  these buttons. Don't forget to get your teacher discount when you are there...sometimes I do :(

Clear 3" craft buttons. Three for $1.99 minus my teacher discount. Not bad!

I then created 45 different buttons including major holidays and school celebrations.
Find them HERE.

And here is the TPT preview :) 

What do you think? Is this something you'd like to add to your celebrations throughout the year?

I would like to thank my amazing friend Jaime!  This girl is always there for me. She gave me some fabulous ideas :) 

I'd love to send two of you this file. All you have to do is give me two NEW ideas to add. The last preview picture has all the ones I included already. Don't forget to leave your e-mail.