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Friday, August 30, 2013 and I am alive!

H-e-l-l-o friends!!!!  I am still alive. Breathing, and doing by best to survive the paperwork, the routines, the awesomeness of a new school year, and the changes (oh! the changes ). 

This girl has been busy! I mean, this is my 3rd post this month. I salute all of you who blogged on your first day of school. I am pretty sure I too a long nap as soon as I laid on the living room couch. I also remember going to bed around 7:00 a few times (or more).

Ready for Five for Friday?
Read to Someone has always been a favorite rotation. I hear daily begging :)
This year I am loving how they check their understanding and ask such great questions to each other. I am one proud teacher!

My mathematicians are rocking place value! They love making a huge amount of noise using base ten blocks and recording their assignments using their math notebooks.

Two of the most amazing teachers I know, moved schools :(  Tomorrow they will receive a little present from me, just to show them how much I miss them. Do you keep in touch with your friends who decide to adventure elsewhere?

I celebrated my 27th 37th birthday last week. It was an amazing day.
The day started by feeling a bit sad. No one at home said anything :(  I was wondering if they had forgotten.
Things changed quickly though, I got to school and many.many. of my babies (and a few of their parents) from last year came to visit with notes, gifts and cards. My new babies did the same thing!  I left school with the biggest smile. Once I got home, we went out to eat and opened my fabulous presents. Hubby did well!

I took a half (mental) day off. I had too much to do, and I just needed a few extra hours in the day to get them done. Clothes for me (score!), presents for my baby who turns 6 today, and some super cute notes for my kids's teachers (@Staples). 

I am looking forward to celebrating being 37th with all of you!  Come and join the party wit Kacey.[fiveforfriday2%255B5%255D.jpg]

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Busy-Self and 'the' Sale

You have heard about THE sale, right?
Tomorrow and the day after is the day to work on your wishlist :)

I have been beyond busy, unbelievable tired and (the good news), done with all my reading assessments!!!

I survived Open House this past Monday. How can I talk to hundreds of kids at once, but have a hard time chatting with 15 or so adults? I am much more confident presenting what I know now, but I still get Open House Jitters.

My kiddies are sweet, respectful, full of energy, and tiny :)  Did I say s.l.o.w.? You know you over plan when you haven't planned in two weeks :)
I scored another amazing room mom. Well, she is a repeating room mom. I had her oldest son 3 years ago, and I am now lucky to have her youngest.

The hubby has been off since last Thursday and is off this coming week (he must be off for my birthday)!!! I was able to go shopping!

I was able to find some things I like...but hubby says I always buy the same things :(

My son turned 11 last month and we are finally celebrating. We are having ten 11 year olds coming over for pizza, cake, and then we are taking them to the movies. My son is beyond excited and cannot go to sleep
I found party favors at Target :)

And lastly...I received my blogger exchange box. Please let me clarify that Krystyn sent the box a few weeks back :) I am the one who is late making my happy announcement.

Happy weekend everyone!  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My New Class and August Currently.

The 2013 - 2014 school year began on Monday. I have 22 cuties that are keeping me on my toes. I think they are a great class...but right now, it is hard to remember what second graders are like in the beginning of the year. My throat has hurt every day. My room is super cold (66 degrees), and I have not stopped talking, praising, redirecting, bribing, and begging for some silence while I do assessments. I have gone to bed at 7:00 pm twice this week. I guess I am turning into an old lady. My family could not believe it! The night owl, going to bed first?  That never happens.
The window for reading assessments opened on Wednesday and this teacher likes to get them done a.s.a.p. I have left the hard ones for last. TRC anyone? (running records on ipads are not easy :(
I have some siblings from prior years (which I love) and I, once again, scored an amazing room mom. The future is bright!

This August, I am currently...
Link yours up over here.

Listening: To my new CD. My favorite song: Don't Stop the Party (Pitbull). My daughter's: We are Never Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift).  You should hear us sing!  We really get into it, especially with our princess microphones.
View Large Image: Now That's What I Call Music-Vol. 45-Now That's What I Call Music

Loving: My Classroom. I did a ton of cleaning, moved furniture a few more times that I wanted, but it is done. I am sure I will be changing things up, but not any time soon. 
August is my birthday month, and even though we never do anything special (sad face here). I like knowing there is a special day where those who love me...think about me :) 

Thinking: about joining the NC Meet up Jen has arranged If you are an NC blogger/ teacher who'd like to join us, please contact her. We'd love to see you there. 

Wanting: I need to make better food choices. I have been making very poor food choices for a while and my body is showing it. I get too tired and just pick something on the way that is terrible for my children and I. I need to plan better, just like I do for teaching. Priorities, ha?

Needing: Needless to say, mommy guilt is hitting me hard. I have been spending tons of time making new things for my class, I have barely spent any time with my kids and husband. I think they are getting a bit resentful. The beginning of the year is so hard! I need balance. Please. Help me find it. It has been ten years. I should be able to let go of many things.

B2S Must Haves: Color pens (the thicker the point, the batter). A new calendar to write the thousands of meetings already schedule and at least two three new outfits. One for the first day of school, one for Open House and one for picture day.

I hope all is well if you returned to work. If you have not, enjoy the time you have left.

Wishing everyone a calm, successful year,