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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day Project {One Dollar Gift} Giveaway too!

My third grade kiddos finished their Mother's Day project yesterday.  Because my kids travel through both of our third grade classrooms it is hard to get them done quickly. But they are done :) Wrapped, ready to go. a. week. early. #ithasneverhappennedbefore

I have updated this product a bit.  It is on sale right now! You know you need one, right?  ;) 
If you have it already go get the new version (do not forget to leave me some love). 

Start with a one dollar photo album. Choose the prompts you like your students to complete (36 to choose from), wrap using tissue paper, a gift tag, and some tulle. #mothersdaykeepsake 

These are some portraits created this year:

I asked my daughter to help me creating an album for me.  The truth is... I wanted to see what she would say about mommy. Here are a few of her answers. 

Would you help me pin this product?  Leave your pin and your e-mail. I will send it to two of you on Sunday afternoon (after I finish all the chores). 

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Monday, April 6, 2015

#2getherwearebetter {My Schedule}

I am joining forces with the #2getherwearebetter linky hosted by Angie and Ashley.

We (teachers) work way too hard!  If we can help each other by collaborating, networking, and leaning on one another, our life can be a bit easier.

If you are a veteran teacher, helping others is the best feeling there is.  We have been there and probably done that :)  If you are a new teacher, you are full of new ideas, so we can learn a ton from you.  They way I see it, we can do this teaching thing by being together. Thanks A&A  for this great idea!

This month's theme:

Most of tweak our schedules on the yearly basis.  I have heard of teachers who are giving pretty specific schedules without the liberty to choose when you want to teach what you must teach.  Thankfully I have never worked for a school that dictated that for me.  I had to follow time parameters, but the rest was up to me.

My schedule this year looks like this:

School starts pretty early for us (hello, coffee!).  7:20 marks the beginning of carpool.  All of our students are carpooled (private school/ no buses). We have 30 minutes for students to unpack, get their materials from their lockers, get ready for their first class, and chat. No morning work. 

A couple of things to note:
- I have a homeroom class of 25 third graders.
- Our reading and math classes are grouped homogeneously.
- There are two classes per grade (very small school).
- We switched classes all day according to student's placement.
- Our students are placed in on grade level classes or above grade level classes. 
- I work in a year round school (9 weeks on, 3 weeks off - year round & a 5 week "summer" track-out). Teachers get a bit less due to workdays. 

  • Math begins at 7:50.  I am teaching the 'high' level math this year, so instead of teaching third grade math, I teach 4th grade.  LOVE it!  We have a quick transition break and have snack in our homerooms.
  • Cursive handwriting is a biggie this year.  No one told me about this when I interviewed. I have the worst cursive handwriting :(  #embarrassing We practice almost every day.
  • I am teaching history this year (no social studies) to both homeroom classes.  We divide our quarter into 4.5 weeks.  I teach history for 4.5 weeks and then switch to teach the other class while my teammate teachers my class science.
  • We follow very specific programs for our language arts program.  I have one hour for reading, half hour for spelling, and half hour for grammar. 
  • Lunch is in our classrooms (no cafeteria). We have parent volunteers that sometimes come in so I can go to the bathroom :) 
  • We have 6 specials: Art, Music, Character Education, P.E., Spanish and Technology.  I have a nice 45 minute planning time daily and on Friday my kids get two specials #ohyeah
  • Our students have time to work on their homework ( during the school day. 
  • We go out to recess for 30 minutes and return for another history or science lesson.  We double up daily to be able to cover our curriculum in 4.5 weeks. 
  • Dismissal begins at 2:45 and the day is over!
Our days are incredibly busy. By the time I realize you really need to use the bathroom, our kids are packing! Weeks fly by :)

Well, that pretty much covers it.  Do not forget to come and joint the newest linky in town ;)

Happy Scheduling!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Currently April {Back to Blogging?}

I just checked to see the date of my last post and I am embarrassed to admit it has been months.  I am just not feeling it ( I will try to share more about this soon. #embarrased).

IG has been my favorite way of staying in touch with you (so easy, isn't it?!).  I love reading about your adventures, your successes, and of course your not so good days.  All of us can relate and really understand each other! Hubby does not get it.

Thank you Farley for creating this fabulous linky.  It has been months since I have shared with you what is currently going on with me, and today I decided it was time to do it again.

So here it goes...

Listening: I am pretending to watch Sofia the First. I love her, but right now I am concentrating in my typing.
Do you have a girlie at home that makes you watch her and lover too?

Loving: Graduate School.  Say, What?!  I had a pretty stressful fall semester taking two classes.  My professors were amazing, but the workload kept me busy every weekend.  So, I decided that there was no rush to get this done and only took one class this semester.  #sosmart
My current professor is very laid back and reading about literacy just makes me happy! 
I have yet to decide what I am doing for the two summer semesters coming up, but I think I need to speak to my advisor first. She thinks I can do it all... if she only knew.

This is what we are reading in class.  I read this book a while ago, but the new edition has a few new things and this time I have time to process everything in it. 

Thinking: Like I mentioned before blogging has not been a priority.  I am questioning and wondering:
Do I need to call it quits?  Do I open my crazy notebook full of ideas and try something out? Where did my inspiration go? Do I need a fresh start? Do I need to change my blog's name since I am no longer teaching second (oh! so sad!)...  As you can see. I am clueless.  I do not know what to do.

THANK YOU to all of you who have not abandoned me. I really appreciate your support and your friendship.

Wanting:  I really want to go to Vegas this summer. I am so jealous!  This girl cannot make it again this year.  We start school the Monday after the TPT conference, and there is no way I can do all of that without going crazy.  We also have some awesome vacation plans and I need the money. 
I would love to meet all of you! Supergirls too!

If you are not following us there... please do :)  

Needing: I certainly need a much bigger hard drive to save all of our pictures.  Any recommendations?  You see, we really do not do much while the kids and I are in school, but we do love going on vacation during track out. Our latest vacation took us to California.  Lots of driving. Lots of amazing views and gorgeous weather.

Breathtaking I tell ya'.  My husband is a rock climber, and I am pretty sure I saw him drool and/or cry on the way out of Yosemite. 

I may need to go back soon and check the other side. #walkonthebridgetoo

Eggs-plain Our Name: My blog's name was created by my one of my fabulous room moms.  I asked her for ideas and she has a few really good ones.  I have taught second for ten year.  My heart belongs in second, but right now I am teaching third.  Thinking about updating my blog's title as I do not know how long I'll stay in third. 

Thanks for stopping by. #loveya