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Friday, January 31, 2014

February Currently

I have been doing a lot of nothing around the house. We had almost two inches of snow and school has been closed for 4 days!  For those of you with real snow... I am not sure what to say.  I work for a very large county and they like to make sure all the roads are safe and clear before we can go back.   I am honestly going crazy in this house.  I have cleaned, done the laundry, watched plenty of movies and enjoy some lazy time. It is time to go back!

I do not have much related to school since I have been back for 3 days after a 5 week track out, but  I am always ready to join Farley for this month's currently.

Listening: to Shark Tank and the cool products people make. I love the sharks!  Becoming a millionaire sounds like a great idea.  Maybe one day I will think of something creative :)  Do you guys watch this?

Loving:  I finally took pictures of my latest product. I adore the cover.  My daughter helped me creating her own version.  She has so many friends,  I had to help her decide which 'sister' AKA friend to draw. I am hoping  I can post it tomorrow.

Thinking: This girl is getting observed next week. My new principal is coming during my writer's workshop time.  It is my time to do what I do, so she can 'know' me in the classroom.  I hope she comes early in the week.  I'd like to get it done and over with. 20 minute observation is nothing, right? Wish me luck!

Animal Research Project I come!

Wanting: Because of all the snow days we have had. I need to work 4 Saturdays to make up our snow days. Yeap. Saturday school :(
On the bright side, we only go half day, so it is not so bad.  I want to make plans and stay ahead for a change.  I have had plenty of rest :)

2 truths and a fib:  Well, can you see this Mexican, raised in one of the biggest cites in the world, surrounded by a few trees and barely no water around, swimming???!  Nope.  This girl is terrified of water. Can't swim. Can't float. Cannot even get my hair wet without hyperventilating.   Honestly, it s not that bad, but  I am pretty afraid of water.  Everyone in the house swims, except me.  I will day :)

Happy weekend to all of you!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ready for your 100th Day of School?

Back to work I went...this past Wednesday.  My to do list was long and I got it all done!  The kids come back tomorrow and I am so ready to see how big they have gotten.

One of my big projects was to finish our books for our 100th Day of School.  These pictures are part of my booklet from last year.  

Why is it that this day feel so special?  Oh, yeah, it means we have 80 days to go!  Silly me :)

This week I grabbed the binding machine from the teacher workroom and took it to my classroom, this way I could take time putting them together. I used white card stock for the cover and purple for the back cover.  They are ready to go!

I showed up a bit early the first day. Many early bird coworkers were there before me. 7:45 is as early as I can make it to work.  

Today, we had a two hour delay because...are you ready?  We had snow!  Probably less than an inch, but it was snow nevertheless.  Can you kind of see it on the front of my house?  I was laughing when I realized how silly this must feel to all of us who have lived where there is 'real' snow. 

My kids school canceled school today, so my little helper had to come with me. She loved it, and so did I. 
I think she is going to be a teacher (over my dead body). Her love for reading and having invisible students brings me a ton of memories.

Anyhow, I hope you'd like to check out my 100th day book for your kiddos this year. You can find it HERE...on sale :)

2 day week can be exactly what I need to back into the routine. Hugs to all of you.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

200th Post and a New Product on Sale

200 posts...can't hardly believe it. It has been fun sharing things around my classroom with you.  I am ready for 200 more!

I am celebrating by having a sale on my new product. You can also pin it to win it :)

This girl goes back to school Friday.  I have been off since December 20 (don't hate me). Year round schools totally rock.  I enjoyed my Christmas break and then my track out right after that.  The best break of the year for sure.

My kids go back on Thursday of the following week which means I have two workdays and one early release (aka looooong meeting) to survive. The fun is when the kids are there. Meetings are not fun. Ever.

Once the kids return we will have our first big standardized test.  Reading one day, math the next.  Being gone for weeks I know they are going to need to review a few skills and this is how this was born.
Find it HERE
I created a product to review:
- asking and answering questions
- retelling fiction and nonfiction text
- letter writing
- comparing and contrasting two texts
- describing characters
- capitalization
- odd/even numbers
- adding and subtracting 2/3 digit numbers
- comparing numbers
- and much more...

39 pages with many ways to review a variety of skills  needed this time of the year.
I hope you like it. Get yours here...on sale!

I don't have any pictures, but I will share once I make it back to work and have my babies review, review and review.  That test is nothing!  We will rock it :) 

Pin it to win it time.  Leave me some love and the link to your pin. I will pick a few of you to try it out :) 

Happy week to all of you.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sit Spots Winner

What happens when your husband is off for a while?  He 'needs' your attention, so blogging must wait.  The house gets a bit organized.  You book the vacation you've been waiting to go to for a while,  and you realize you are one lucky woman for having someone so amazing loving you just the way you are (and spoil you).

After my aha moments, I remembered I had not picked the SitSpots winner.  So....
Congrats Lorena!  I have sent you an e-mail :)

Happy Sunday everyone. May this week be a good one for all of you.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently

Happy New Year friends!   I spent my NYE on the couch, with the kids.  We certainly know how to do this 'partying' thing :)  They made it to 11:20 and fell asleep on the couch.  I had to carry two heavy kids to their beds.  They owe me a massage.

The best part in town is here. Come and join in along with your party hats, mimosas, coffee.. or anything fun :)

Listening: cartoons...lots of them.

Loving: After all the excitement of the holidays I decided to do nothing for the last two weeks.  I have two more weeks to be productive.  Track out after Christmas break is always nice :)  I am not a stay at home kind of gal, so the "I need to work on something for school" is coming back to me.  

Thinking: about the future, without trying missing being present.  The family and I are having conversations about 'us', our family time, our happiness, our futures.  Changes are scary, but we are looking forward to making some changes to be a better family altogether.

Wanting:  I do not make New Year's Resolutions. I stink at them because they are always unrealistic.  I need to be a better me in so many areas of my life. I need to take care of myself.   I need to love my body, my mind and my soul more.  This (hopefully)  will lead into being a better person.  My heart needs it!

Needing: my hubby has been working a t-o-n.  We made a huge commitment to have him work extra during the holidays (what was I thinking??!!) so we can do somethings around the house we have been talking about for a while.  We are looking forward to spending time with him. 

Tradition: when I was a little girl (back home), we used to get 12 grapes.  My family wrote or thought about 12 things you wanted to do better or wished for in the New Year. We ate the grapes 12 seconds before the New Year, following by hugs and kisses and tears....we always cried for some reason :)  I miss that!

Link up and join the fun HERE

Here is to a year full of great things for all of you.  Cheers!...with coffee :)