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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Desktop Organizers....Editable!

I must show you the latest thing I finished a few days back.

I found my inspiration HERE, and even though I would love the Mac from this picture, I had to do my best using my nine year dinosaur PC.

Desktop Organization Backgrounds

I started making one template, then another, checking my clip art and paper collection, and by the time I was ready to call it done, I had 33 templates (and growing).  I am planning on adding more for sure.

Fin them HERE

I also decided to make them editable so the titles can be 'personalized'.

Let me show you the before and after pictures of my desktop.
Looks better, right?

I used to have my ThistleGirl calendar on my desktop. I never used it as a calendar. When I found this new was time to let it go.  I am using my Dr. Seuss desktop template right now.  I LOVE it. 

I asked a few friends to download them using their precious Macs (hear the envy?), and after including step by step tutorial, it is ready to go :)

I began a new list of ideas. I will be adding more templates to this collection. Let me know if you have any ideas to share.

Soooo... who wants to try them out?  Leave me a comment with a new idea, theme, or 'wish'. Comment with your idea and help me out by pinning it.  Don't forget your e-mail. I will pick two winners this weekend. 

*Thanks for the ideas ladies!  I will be uploading some more. I hope you are enjoying your new templates :)

Here's to organization!  Salud :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Grading. No Lesson Planning.

Can you really believe that?!  I am seating here blogging.  I have no papers to grade.  I am not checking e-mails tonight (maybe tomorrow morning), and for once in my life, I am not spending my weekend lesson planning.

Well, I know reality will come back to me soon, but for right now, my kids are enjoying time with my student teacher.  I am in the classroom just for writing. Well... I must tell the truth.  It has been hard for me to stay away because I have no where to go.  I have been hiding in the classroom next door, I go in and out of our classroom, I talk her ear off during our specials time, and for some reason I am there way too much.  I need to give her space. I do!  I know how much I enjoyed being with the kids (alone) when I student taught. I owe her that, big time!

So, what is one to do?

- Update a few TPT products.  Nothing major.I changed a few tiny things.

 Find this one HERE       

                                                                    This one HERE  :)

- Enjoy the weather instead of being inside working. We had a gorgeous day today! My daughter and I played outside with our neighbor's dog. Oh, we love this dog!  We are not ready for a new pup just yet, so we get our dog fix playing with Tucker.

- Work on TPT products.  I have a note book full with ideas. I must get some of them done.

- Get ready to choose an outfit for picture day. A big day in the life of a teacher!  I wish I had lost some weight :)

- Think about what to blog about when your kiddos are not 'available' for photographs :)  My students are my guinea pigs, and right now they are being help hostage by Mrs. M :)  Love her for that!
Please help me.  I need ideas.

I am getting tired already. I must stop and enjoy my alone time with the couch. There is a bowl of carrots, a cup of coffee and a corn muffin waiting for me.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Saturday School - Snow's Fault!

We have had a few busy weeks. Standardized testing, snow, school cancellations, Saturday school (you read that right) and student teaching awesomeness!  

We had our reading and math standardized tests.  The kids worked really hard underlining, showing proof, checking their work, and that is all I could ask for.  One kiddo finished in 20 minutes, and while my blood pressure went up quickly, I realized the sun was going to come up the day after :)  

I made them a note card for them to use during the test, along with some candy to cheer them up.
I shrunk Hope King's Sweet Support Motivational Notes and added a personalized note.

Sweet Support: Pump Your Kids Up for State Testing!

As you may recall, we had a huge ridiculous amount of snow. I think we got 2"... but that is a lot for us!  The excitement started the night before with a few flurries, school cancellations, and a lack of bread and milk at the grocery store.  We were out for 4 days!
               The Night Before                          The BIG Storm                                 Two Days After

We played in the snow, sled in the driveway (we do own some awesome sleds), and for once, wore our winter coats, hats, and gloves :)  I miss the snow. I miss Cincinnati. I so regret we moved.  

So, since I work at a year-round school, and we do not have any snow days built-in, we must go to school on Saturday. Yeap. Saturday School.  It really was not that bad. We only attend school for half day.  

I wanted to make the best out of our day.  We...

- worked on our research writing

- Practiced the rainbow strategy... which I totally copied from the amazing Amanda Madden.  

 Genius, simple and fun!

- Created these super darling Love Bots from Aimee.  How cute are they?! 

Love Bot Craftivity {A Valentine's Day Writing Craftivity}

My student teacher began to teach.  She is amazing!  She is teaching math and social studies this upcoming week.  I will be sure to come and show you the cool things she is doing with the kiddos.

Saturday is not as painful when you think of ways to make your day better :)  We go to school this Saturday too.  I may have to think of something amazing for it.  I know this second one will be painful, but I will make the best of it.  I have decided :)

Happy Monday-Friday school to you!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Love Our Friendship

Do you remember your childhood best friend?

I remember my friend Celia. We were friends throughout elementary and middle school. We did everything together. We pretended to be sisters since neither one of us had a dad or a brother. Just our moms :)
Then there was Lupe. We met in high school.  She was the fun one, I was the one studying in the library (once a nerd....). Lupe was my maid of honor. She lived in Chicago when I got married back in 1997. We lost contact for about 15 years and about a year ago, I found her of Facebook.  One of the happiest days of 2012!

I do not have a long list of friends. I have never been the popular girl with hundreds of friends.  I have always have one or two that I can always count on. No matter what.

Now that I have kids and because of my hubby's job, I do not have much time to socialize. I go to work, take care of my kids, and every now and then, I get to go out with my friends and coworkers.   I have been blessed with friends who truly know me and accept me for who I am.  My type A personality scares people away from me.  I promise I am a sweetheart :)

I created my latest product thinking about those people that have always made me feel my best, but they do put it in my place if necessary.  My friend Jaleh is one of those special people in my life.  She always makes me feel like a million bucks, but trust me when I tell you, she tells me when  I am wrong.  I love her for that! I can call her any day, any time and she can give me advice, let me vent, and make me feel protected and loved.every.time.

This is for all them.

My latest product will help my students create a keepsake about their special friend. In honor of friendship!
Find it HERE.

The cover of the friendship book.  I included other covers in case your students want to draw their own portraits.

This interactive friendship book includes all the templates to create an 8 page book,  plus a friendship book coupon (not pictured).  

Pin it and leave a comment with the link for a chance to win :)