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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Photo Booth Props = A FUN Holiday at School!

Good evening friends!  Two years ago, I attended the wedding of a sweet teacher friend of mine. During the wedding, they had a photo booth where you got to be funny and funky. We laughed so hard, I am pretty sure we ran to the bathroom a few times trying to avoid 'an accident' :)

I wanted to have that much fun at school. I began searching for photo booth props and  discovered an Etsy seller: Chela, and her awesome shop called Thinking of You Designs.

Thursday is going to be fun, loud and full of emotion in our classrooms. How about adding a bit more excitement by inviting a parent photograph your students during your Fall Celebrations?

Most of my props are ready, but I could not wait to share them with you.
Chela includes both, the color props (print, cut and glue to a wooden kabob skewer) and the white and back outlines (use color card stock and make them your own!). 

These are the ones I made today, but there are many more included!  

I had to show you the ones I have and totally love!

Can you resist?! I want this one...badly!!

Best news. Chela is offering a discount code for my bloggy friends.  
Please come and visit her HERE. If you find something you love, will you tell her I sent you? :)

Two more chances to win!
- If you buy a photo booth prop, e-mail me ( I will choose one of you to get a free one from me. 
- Visit Chela's store and PIN one of her photo props. Leave your pin link in the comment section telling me which one you'd like. I will pick one lucky winner!

Love supporting Etsy sellers, don't you?  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Next Week

My curriculum guide says I should be getting ready to teach about odd and even numbers, comparing two nonfiction books and informational writing.  The problem.... I want to celebrate Halloween with my kids instead.
I believe Pinterest is a new search engine all on its own.  I reviewed some of my pins, hoping to find some inspiration.  Before I show you those pins, may I show you something I am working on tonight?  Just a tease :)

And here are some of  my Halloween classroom ideas..... Not sure which ones I will complete :)
Halloween Pencil Treats: Source

Candy Container: Source

FUN Gummy Worm Jello Cups on { }
Yummy Jello: Source

monster-treats cover
M & M Monsters Jars: Source

candy bar wrappers
Scary Chocolate Bars: Source

Snack Cups: Source

Mummy Door: Source

Monster juice
Monster Juice: Source

How do you celebrate Halloween in the classroom? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Fitness Confession

Kids came back today. They are bigger. They are still precious!  One did not come back. Homeschooling :(
Left half day to visit the doctor. All I can say is...cold sores. Three of them!  My first ones. Ever.

I am linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade. This week's (1 out of twelve) topic is by far my works enemy. I must confess....
There you have it. Huge confession, right? Painful reality check. But I feel good sharing it with you :)

11 years ago, after giving birth to my first child, I attended Weight Watchers. back then 140 had been my heaviest. I was finishing school and I had 'time' and energy. Today, my time is limited and my lack of self control makes me eat badly. I am ashamed. I need to make changes.
My body is looking sad. I want that to change. I do not care about the number showing on the scale. I do care about feeling good about my body and right now I hide it all. I want to stop hiding behind my clothes.

So, in this house, this is how we exercise :)
I know I will not be a gym member, but dancing is something I love.  This Mexican loves salsa, meregue and cumbia moves. I still remember how to dance!
The kids love Just Dance and hubby just bought Zumba for me. LOVE it. Highly recommend it.

Go on, join us!

I hate exercising. I LOVE dancing!  How about you?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to Work I Go with Updated Newsletters

Well, track out has come to an end.  I enjoyed my break with an awesome vacation, spent time with my hubby and became the mommy I wish I could be all the time (for a few days).
I have three workdays and hope to accomplish a lot during that time before the kids return on Monday.

If you remember, I had spent too much time in the boss' office before I tracked out.   I lost sleep over the things that had been happening.
To begin my second quarter on the right foot, I  sent my student's parents a survey on line. I then learned I cannot make everybody happy, but I will continue to do  my best.  Doing my best is all I have control over.
One can always do something better, right?

One item my parents were asking for, were more frequent newsletters. I am supposed to write them by-weekly....well, the surveys says they wanted to be more informed and received them once a week. So, I will try to do just that :)

I sat down, looked at my newsletter and created new templates. The quick project turned into a new product. I really like them!  I hope you do too :)
Find them HERE.

You can find 12 Editable Newsletter Templates: 12 templates in color and 12 templates in black and white.  You can write a one or two page newsletter.  Mine are always two pages as I always include pictures of the kids.

What do you include in your newsletter?  Leave a comment letting me know about your newsletter.  You are welcome to Pin it for an extra chance to win this. Leave me the pin url with your comment.
I will send two of you a copy of my templates.  If you can't wait... they are on sale today and tomorrow in my store.

Back to work I go :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Giveaway Helpers? and a Sale.

Join the shopping party. My teeny store is on sale :)  Don't forget to use the code when you check out.

would you like to help me with a giveaway?  Send me an e-mail ( I will contact you after I send you a virtual kiss and hug for helping out :) 

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 for Friday - Track Out Edition

Being tracked out keeps me sane. Working nine weeks and being off almost three weeks year round, is perfect for this girl. I do get jealous of your long summer breaks though :)

I have done nothing since we came back from Vegas. I really do mean nothing related to school. My track out to do list is long, but I am proud of myself for not worrying about it...yet.

It is Friday!  No homework to check. Hallelujah.

I had so share some pictures of a few shirts I found at the M&M store. I Don't Do Mornings is my favorite. I would be a rocking teacher if I could teach later in the day. Any night owls out there?

I spent a few hours at the spa yesterday. I woke up at 12:30 (I told you I love my sleep) and ran to the spa to get pampered (courtesy of  the Mr.) before the kids came home from school.

I looked at my store last night and decided to have a sale this weekend. These are my top wished products. 
Shopping anyone? Visit my store HERE .

I made this freebie last year. It has been downloaded 4,705 times.  Maybe you'll like it too :)

And last but not least...come back soon for a giveaway. It has been a while and I think I need to show you my love and gratitude.

Happy, Happy Friday!!  Thanks for visiting. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vegas Pics.

I am finally ready to share some pictures with you! We had a fantastic time in Vegas, and hope to come back to that side of the country soon. 
When you bring your kids to Vegas, you must stop by the M&M store.  I need a boa!

The weather was beautiful. The sky was amazingly blue. I really hope to get to see the 'real ' tower one of these days :)

Loved the Bellagio's fountain. An amazing 3 minute 'show'!

Gotta love trees that talk and money signs made out of beautiful flowers.

The architecture in every hotel was amazing!

Palm trees and blue skies...sign me up!  I am moving :)

 Hubby did play a few nights.... and wasted lost some money. Boo :(

Food (I found 'real' tacos!!), gelato and a phenomenal show.

 The kids enjoyed staying up past their bed time :)

My favorite part of the trip!  Riding a 12 passenger airplane and admiring The Grand Canyon.

Beyond amazing! 

Moving out west has  been a daily topic since we returned. Colorado is my top pick. Hubby just wants to be away from the humidity. We both want snow! 

If you live out west... where do you live?  How much do you love it?  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Funeral. Two Winners :)

The family and I drove to NJ to attend a funeral. Attending the funeral of a a young, one of a kind man, was hard. We drove Friday and just got back a few hours ago. My heart feels heavy.

We attended a funeral where traffic had to be directed by police officers. Our friend was loved by many people. It took us about 35 minutes to get to his wife from the door. The line was long and the sadness was felt from the time we turned into the parking lot.
The pictures by the door were my first sign of 'this is real'. By the time I got to his wife, I totally lost it. I felt horrible! His 5 siblings were standing opposite to his wife (he was the youngest), holding them and paying our respects was hard. We spent some time with other friends and family, drove until midnight and spent the night at a hotel. We are home now. Safe and sound.

Let's now celebrate two winners. Two ladies have won a year of Lesson Planning on line with PlanbookEdu.  I hope you guys love it!
Please e-mail me so I can send you your codes to get started :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back from Vegas and Currently...

We had a fantastic vacation!  Be ready for pictures, hopefully tomorrow.
I have 368 blog posts to read. I may need an extra week to go through them :) But right now, let's get ready to join Farley for her monthly linky party!!!

Listening: Scandal's Season premiere. I am finishing this during the commercials :) Anyone else obsessed?

Loving: Being back home. I cannot wait to sleep in my bed. I have missed my bed! Being in a hotel was awesome, but the bed was not the best. 

Thinking: My husband's childhood friend since second grade, past away last week. This amazing man was one of the most amazing human beings I know. He was the best man at our wedding. His two young boys have been left without their daddy, without time to make more memories. I have been sad. I have cried, and I hope I can pass the 'anger' stage. Right now, this seems unfair. 

Wanting: I have had a few goodies saved for a giveaway. Since I am tracked out I will have time to arrange an upcoming giveaway. Stay tuned:)

Needing: I am seriously close to being the heaviest I have ever been. 149 pounds is a lot. My body is turning into pockets of nasty stuff in too many places. I must do something about it. 

Trick or Treat: Leave a comment. I will pick a lucky winner and send you a Starbucks card.