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Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School

Today was my first day of school! Twenty one super cuties entered the classroom with new backpacks, new shoes, school supplies and a huge smile on their face.
Procedures and more procedures filled my day...but it was a good day!
I barely slept last night thinking about them, and right now I am exhausted.  I will remember to take some pictures and report back tomorrow.

It is going to be a fantabulous year!  I want nothing more and they will get nothing less :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grandisimo Giveaway Winner!

Congrats Cindy C.!!!  I have e-mailed you to get your information. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Writing Quote Freebie

Made these for my Writer's Workshop folder.  I will be happy to e-mail you, one, two or all of them. Just leave your e-mail.
Google docs is not cooperating :(

I'll be announcing the winner of my Grandisimo giveaway tomorrow.

Erin (my blog designer) from Creating and Teaching, created an incredibly cute calendar pack. Go check it out!

Night, night.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell Me More Linky

Amy Lemons is hosting a linky party I could not resist.  I go back to work tomorrow, so I promise some school related blogging :) 

1- I am a little bit OCD, but it only seems to show in my classroom. If you could only see my house!

2- I dislike exercising more than eating broccoli!  I once paid for a year membership and used the gym about 3 times. No gyms for me...I just cannot seem to find the energy. Those who tell me you feel better later...don't believe you :)

3- I am terrified of water!  You see.. I grew up in Mexico City, where water and trees are a luxury!

4- I have never had a pedicure. Touching my feet is not allowed...even when I get a massage.

5- I continue to call myself an ESL learner. Learning a second language as an adult was not easy.

6- I worked every Saturday during my first two years of teaching!  I could not keep up with it all.  My building is closed now.. otherwise I would be there too.

7- I have owned only Honda cars. Civic was my first car. I then bought two CRVs and now I drive an Odyssey.

6- I have tons of is thick and heavy!  I am pretty sure I loose weight every time I get a haircut. 

7- I love Laffy Taffy...or anything that sticks to my teeth.  My orthodontist never liked that :)

8- I wore braces for two years. Forgot to wear my retainer. My teeth are not gorgeous anymore.

9 - I dislike cooking.  We spend way too much money eating out.

10- I love necklaces and earring sets that match.  I have small collection :)

Back to work.. 7:00 am wake up call. The plan is to make lesson plans for my first week. You see... year round school classrooms are always set up, ready to go.  My room gets a few changes, but nothing super special. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grandisimo Giveaway!

I had plans to celebrate 200 followers...time got away.  I thought of celebrating 250... time got away. So I am celebrating both, and perhaps 300!

Diez amazing ladies are helping me celebrate.  I ask that you pretty please visit them and show them some love by following their amazing blogs and stores.

The winner will take home...

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motherhood, Grandisimo Giveaway and Newbie Blog Hop


I became a mother 10 years ago.  My son was born at 6:00 pm after being induced for 13 hours.  My unhappy doctor needed to take the baby out as soon as possible (not sure why he was so upset with me, but he was).  I enjoyed the chat with the anesthesiologist while the doctor and amazing nurses took care of my baby and I,  in the coldest room I have even been to.  C-section was the way to go for me.
I continue to learn about motherhood as I discover new ways to approach the every day challenges. My baby is a healthy, smart, kind, well mannered boy who loves to just 'chill out'. I am not the chill out kind of mommy so I continue to learn how to deal with his issues our differences. I want nothing more, than to create a well balanced (HAPPY) member of society and it is a hard thing to do!

Grandisimo Giveaway...
Eleven amazing bloggers are helping me celebrate 200, 250, 300 followers...
I hope you can come back tomorrow to be a part of this Super Grande Giveaway = Grandisimo Giveaway.

Newbie Blogger...
Janis is hosting a Blog Hop...and since I have only been blogging for almost five month, I am certainly a newbie :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Must Have Books... Linky


I have to confess...chapter books are not my thing.  Picture books make me happy!!! When I so this linky I knew I had to share some of my faves :)

1) Beatrice Doesn't Want To:  I use this book every year to introduce summarizing. Beatrice refuses to go to the library with her brother until she discovers reading.  Great for making connections!

2) Don't Let the Peas Touch!:  Sophie and I have something in common. We are both picky eaters!  I use this book to make connections and share about our siblings.

3) SkippyJon Jones:  I read this to 'show off' my rocking Spanish accent :)

4) My Lucky Day: All I can say about this one is... piggies are really smart animals.  Great for making predictions.

5) Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook: Characters come to life in this book read by a second grade teacher.  The best illustrations!

I hide them all in here: 
Where do you house all your favorite books?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daily Five - Book Study (Chapter 4 & 5)

I am back from vacation, trying to rest after taking pictures with e-v-e-r-y single Disney Princess. The family enjoyed our trip, but I missed my bed terribly!
On the other hand...  Daily Five book study is almost over :(  

I just signed up for a class where teachers who are doing D5, literacy coaches and literacy gurus (from the county I work for) will meet throughout the year to collaborate.  I am so excited to learn from others and see all the amazing things that are being accomplishing with D5. I became obsessed after I observed it 'in action'. 

Who is trying Daily Five for the first time?   Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I would love to share ideas!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So far...

Hubby drove 10 hours on Sunday as  I heard  "Are we there yet?, Is the hotel near by?"... twelve times.  My daughter said it felt like eternity...she is just as dramatic as her mom :)
Today the rain was not nice to us, so we decided to go to Downtown Disney to do some shopping.
Whenever you are itchy... you must use what you have available and hug Mickie was tight as you can!

Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon have been a hit so far.  Looking forward to taking pictures with every single princess we find. 

Giveaway coming soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Five - Book Study (Chapter 3)

Melissa Freshwater from Mrs. Freshwater's Class & Jana from Thinking Out Loud are hosting chapter three.

I am working on a series of Daily Five freebies. I hope you come back to check them out :) 

I meet my new kids tomorrow so I am preparing name tags and goodies for them... will do my best to post about it later tomorrow.

Also, I need two more friends to reach my first big milestone. 200 followers is a big deal, right??!!!
Do you know anyone?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Currently

July first and Farley have arrived!  I am working on my Daily Five post for tomorrow.
  For now I am currently...
SkippyJon Jones is my favorite read aloud.  My students love to listen to my real accent while clapping and singing along.  If you have a Mexican teacher, the best thing she can do is read about El Skippito bandito :)

Daily Cafe is my go to book when creating mini lesson and guided reading plans. I am seriously obsessed with Daily Five!

Feliz Domingo!