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Monday, December 30, 2013

Elf Ornaments (Holiday Gifts)

Holiday Gifts for parents and students: 2013

Here they are...
Michael's had these frame ornaments perfect for our pictures.  You may remember our Elf asked the kids to wear red.  The next day, the kids got sprinkled with magic snow, touched the elf and got a picture with him. 
I gave the kids choices of paints. 5 choices. This is what they looked like after two coats. Some of the kids decided to do just one coat of you can see :)
Add some puffy paint. Add a picture with your classroom elf.  Put back the ribbon the ornament came with... and tada!   I so wish I could show you their B-I-G smiley faces.  They were soooooo excited.
A few more :)
I brought some tissue paper, wrapped them nicely, and placed them in some gift bags.  
The cards on the right: We took a class picture with the elf and a Happy Holidays sign. We made a card, each student signed it, decorated an envelope and put it in the gift bag as well.
What did the kids get?  Not much :(  A super cute scento ELF marker (of course)... and the adorable journals I made for them.  
That was enough good, right?   

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Elf in the Classroom - Weeks 1, 2, and 3

This year, my first Elf on the Shelf came to visit our classroom.  I started Elves early November... everywhere I went. I think they were following me :)   I fought it.  A little.  Then I realized I had to bring the magic to my classroom....and the adventure began.

Let's do this...picture style!


I had a ball doing this!
I was more worried about the Elf than any lesson plans :) 
The kids adored him and the 'extra' work made it all worth it.
I look forward to continuing this tradition in my classroom.
I may buy an extra one next year since my own two kids were quite jealous about my classroom elf.
There was no mention of the guy in the red suit.  No upset parents...woohooo! 

One more post related to our awesome friend coming tomorrow.  Sorry for the extra post in one day :)

Disguising Gingerbread Man Cookies

After disguising turkeys, the kids had a great time disguising gingerbread man.  I gave my students roughly two weeks to complete this family project. They really liked it!

I have a few pictures for you.

Find it HERE...maybe for next year :)

Which one do you like?

I may not be a baker... but I can decorate a wall with cute cookies! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013