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Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Album and Sale.

I finished it. Our 2013 Mother's Day project is done!.
I instagramed (that is a new verb found in the dictionary...somewhere) last night when I could not work on it any more. My bump hurt. Now it is all done with pictures and student samples.

Wait until you see these cuties. 
 I know the moms are going to love it.
Find it HERE :)
I purchased 24 photo albums at the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree in our town).
I created small prompts for the kids to write about their mom. Each prompt has a frame where students illustrated the answer. There are 40 prompts to use depending on what you like. There will be some empty photo pockets. For that, I had asked the kids to bring pictures of their moms to include. 
I printed the pages. Cut in half and had the kids cut around the edges. Insert on the right side pocket of the album. 
One of my favorite pages.

What is a mom? 
- A person who has a baby or more.
- A person who takes care of you and cooks for the family.
- A person who takes care of you and loves you.
- A person who cooks dinner.
- Someone who took care of you when you were little.
- A person who cares for you.
- A mom is sometimes sweet and sometimes not.
- A person that takes care of  you and loves you.
- A loving caring person who takes care of you everyday.
- A nice person who has patience.
- A person who gives birth to babies.
- A girl who raises you as a child.
- A person who loves their kids and will give you all you need.
- A person who loves you and gave birth to you.

It sounds like my kids are very well loved, doesn't it?

I am pretty happy with our latest project. Mother's Day Album will be a hit with all of our amazing moms!

And now...get ready for the sale!  My graphics "wish list" is long. I am hoping to score some great deals. My little store will be 20% plus the sale TPT provides on top of that. 
Thanks for Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Designs for the button and her amazing graphics!

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