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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Without a Topic in Mind

I have a few conference left for tomorrow. Most of them will be phone conferences (I am going to surprise them since they did not sign up to meet with me). My room will be a bit messy as I take out my track out to do list (which is really long at the moment) and decide what I really want to get done.

I do not have any plans for my almost three week break besides working on some TPT stuff, clean the house and do some fun things with my own kids. I am also planning lunch dates with friends I never get to see.  Relaxing and having the house to myself will be great!

I have one thing on sale on TPT and the day I sold my first one I screamed, texted my husband and waited for some feedback. Not sure why but the feedback from my sales has not come. I wonder if it is terrible, helpful, descent, or just plain OK.  How do you encourage your buyers to let you know about their purchase?

Ms. Santana from The Learning Tree sent me this cute sign from her 500 Giveaway. Thanks Kimberly!

My principal is retiring and I am heartbroken. I said it. I love her.
What is it like to have a new principal?  I have only worked for two, but this is the first time I will work for someone who did not hire me... and that is stressing me out!  Any advice?


  1. Glad you like your sign! :) We got a new principal 2 years ago and we heard HORROR stories from teachers that had worked with him prior, but it the end, I don't feel like much of it was true. We got pretty lucky- I adore him. I guess it's just the luck of the draw...I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya girl!

    The Learning Tree

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