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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Number Patterns and Snakes (freebie)

What's the rule? and Number Patterns was the last math topic in my classroom before our break. I gave the kids markers, pattern cards, white boards, and hundred charts. Model, think aloud, practice, model, teach a partner, model...repeat.

We started with two digit numbers. I modeled how to find the number pattern step by step. We did a lot of these before moving on to three digits.

We used two color markers. The first marker was to find the pattern, the second was to extend the pattern. They loved it! 

Then came the snakes!  I printed the snake pattern using different color paper to make them pop. The kids 'planned' their number pattern before getting the snake sheet. They had to choose a pattern (+2, +5, +11, -12...anything they wanted), and then transfer that to their numerical snake.

Here's the snake pattern for ya'.

You can find all my number cards and much more here. Thanks Jaime for all your help!

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