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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Few Pictures of NCCAT

I'd like to share a few pictures of my trip with you.  I enjoyed being surrounded by so many passionate educators.  Meeting new teachers and learning from each other was certainly the highlight of my 4-day trip.  

I drove for 5 hours in the company of Madonna. I do not remember the last time I just felt like singing and enjoying my loud music.  I am pretty sure drivers got a good laugh if they saw me singing the way I did.  I know I had a huge smile on my face.
I do like driving fast. I mean, I know I drive a mommy van, but this thing can drive fast!  I am pretty sure I encountered a few cop cars.  Lucky me, no speeding tickets. 

I arrived a little early so I went for a quick walk and took some pictures.  This is the front of the building where the seminars took place. 

The front part of the seminar building.  

Our luxury hotel :) located right across the seminar building. I did not get a nice view, maybe next time. 

My room was on the back of the building where a beautiful cardinal came to see me almost every day, but refused to pose for a picture. 
We talked about reading, writing, teaching, testing... you name it.  Nothing like venting with a bunch of educators who get how you feel (no offense to hubby). 

We even went on a field trip to a tiny cute town nearby. Our first stop was a cute little book store where we heard about the latest in children's literature. I resisted and did not buy anything. Boo!

Can't wait to go back...soon!  What was the last professional development you attended?

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