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Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America - Favorite Books and Authors

Due to weather conditions, we were sent home three hours early, which means, I have some time to link up to Primary Chalkboard.

My two kids are doing homework right now, and I am under the blankets waiting until they need me to check their homework. BTW, who invented homework? I must have a talk with that person :) Not a fan of homework (as a mom) at all.

Must-Read Monday Linky

Celebrating reading is it for this week! Let's begin with you know who :)
You guessed it!  Skippy is my favorite book character.  When I read his books, I get to use my first language and roll my r's like I did since I was born. I do like to show off my thick Mexican accent every time I get a chance. hehehe   
My Spanish is getting rusty and my mom gives me a hard time when she visits. She can't believe I am forgetting it, but I am :( not too much though.

 I used Mr. Henkes' books a lot during reading mini-lessons. Anything he writes is perfect for my second graders.   They can relate to many of the mice happenings in Henkes' books. 

 Michael Garland's illustrations are to die for.  When I read his books, all I want to do is stare at the amazing job he did while illustrating. Gorgeous!  You must check him out :)

 When it comes to nonfiction. I love the Who Was? series.  We read them while working on biographies.  We do tons of group work since the vocabulary is a bit hard for some of my kiddos.  Perfect for the end of the year!

Reading a variety of versions of one story is one of my favorite things to do in second grade. LOVE  The Princess and the Pea options available.

Happy Reading Week!


  1. I would put Kevin Henkes on the top of my list too!!!


  2. I'm a huge Kevin Henkes and Skippyjon Jones fan :) I've never read the "Who Was" series. I will have to take a look:)

  3. My class loves the Who Was? series. I used them for my kinky as well :)
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  4. After I quit laughing at Sara's comment, I have to admit I love your choices. It's hard for me to pick my favorites. It's a good thing I'm the librarian so I can love them all. I don't have Isadora's book. Going to have to put that one on my wish list.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms


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