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Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America - Favorite Books and Authors

Due to weather conditions we were sent home three hours early, which means, I have some time to link up to Primary Chalkboard and Amanda's Must Read- linky.

My two kids are doing homework right now, and I am under the blankets waiting until they need me to check their homework. BTW, who invented homework? I must have a talk with that person :) Not a fan of homework (as a mom) at all.

Must-Read Monday Linky

Celebrating reading is it for this week! Let's begin with you know who :)
You guessed it!  Skippy is my favorite book character.  When I read his books, I get to use my first language and roll my r's like I did since I was born. I do like to show off my thick Mexican accent every time I get a chance. hehehe   
My Spanish is getting rusty and my mom gives me a hard time when she visit. She can't believe I am forgetting it, but I am :( not to much though.

 I used Mr. Henkes' books a lot during reading mini lessons. Anything he writes is perfect for my second graders.   They can relate to many of the mice happenings in Henkes' books. 

 Michael Garland's illustrations are to die for.  When I read his books, all I want to do is stare at the amazing job he did while illustrating. Gorgeous!  You must check him out :)

 When it comes to nonfiction. I love the Who Was? series.  We read them while working on biographies.  We do tons of group work since the vocabulary is a bit hard for some of my kiddos.  Perfect for the end of the year!

Reading a variety of versions of one story is one of my favorite things to do in second grade. LOVE  The Princes and the Pea options available.

Happy Reading Week!


  1. I would put Kevin Henkes on the top of my list too!!!


  2. I'm a huge Kevin Henkes and Skippyjon Jones fan :) I've never read the "Who Was" series. I will have to take a look:)

  3. My class loves the Who Was? series. I used them for my kinky as well :)
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  4. After I quit laughing at Sara's comment, I have to admit I love your choices. It's hard for me to pick my favorites. It's a good thing I'm the librarian so I can love them all. I don't have Isadora's book. Going to have to put that one on my wish list.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  5. Thanks for the different versions of the Princess and the Pea! I usually use Cinderella to compare/contrast retellings of the same story, but I want to shake it up a bit and do something new.