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Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Grading. No Lesson Planning.

Can you really believe that?!  I am seating here blogging.  I have no papers to grade.  I am not checking e-mails tonight (maybe tomorrow morning), and for once in my life, I am not spending my weekend lesson planning.

Well, I know reality will come back to me soon, but for right now, my kids are enjoying time with my student teacher.  I am in the classroom just for writing. Well... I must tell the truth.  It has been hard for me to stay away because I have no where to go.  I have been hiding in the classroom next door, I go in and out of our classroom, I talk her ear off during our specials time, and for some reason I am there way too much.  I need to give her space. I do!  I know how much I enjoyed being with the kids (alone) when I student taught. I owe her that, big time!

So, what is one to do?

- Update a few TPT products.  Nothing major.I changed a few tiny things.

 Find this one HERE       

                                                                    This one HERE  :)

- Enjoy the weather instead of being inside working. We had a gorgeous day today! My daughter and I played outside with our neighbor's dog. Oh, we love this dog!  We are not ready for a new pup just yet, so we get our dog fix playing with Tucker.

- Work on TPT products.  I have a note book full with ideas. I must get some of them done.

- Get ready to choose an outfit for picture day. A big day in the life of a teacher!  I wish I had lost some weight :)

- Think about what to blog about when your kiddos are not 'available' for photographs :)  My students are my guinea pigs, and right now they are being help hostage by Mrs. M :)  Love her for that!
Please help me.  I need ideas.

I am getting tired already. I must stop and enjoy my alone time with the couch. There is a bowl of carrots, a cup of coffee and a corn muffin waiting for me.


  1. Lucky girl! I would love to have a student teacher...but I fear that I would feel the same way as you, it would be so difficult to stay away from my kids. Plus I have some control issues and feel like my way is the right way, so I will have to learn to give up control if I were to ever have a student teacher. My mentor teacher left me on my own all the time and man, did I appreciate that! As long as she was in the room, I wasn't really the teacher and that was so hard to deal with. As for blogging, I would love to get more ideas for writing mini-lessons, specifically for us 2nd grade teachers:)

  2. I have a student teacher right now, too! She is incredible and I have no worries leaving her alone. I'm also responsible for administering the Woodcock-Munoz language assessment to our ELLs, so it's given me time to do that. It is so hard to let go, though, so I understand how you feel!


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