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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Desktop Organizers....Editable!

I must show you the latest thing I finished a few days back.

I found my inspiration HERE, and even though I would love the Mac from this picture, I had to do my best using my nine year dinosaur PC.

Desktop Organization Backgrounds

I started making one template, then another, checking my clip art and paper collection, and by the time I was ready to call it done, I had 33 templates (and growing).  I am planning on adding more for sure.

Fin them HERE

I also decided to make them editable so the titles can be 'personalized'.

Let me show you the before and after pictures of my desktop.
Looks better, right?

I used to have my ThistleGirl calendar on my desktop. I never used it as a calendar. When I found this new was time to let it go.  I am using my Dr. Seuss desktop template right now.  I LOVE it. 

I asked a few friends to download them using their precious Macs (hear the envy?), and after including step by step tutorial, it is ready to go :)

I began a new list of ideas. I will be adding more templates to this collection. Let me know if you have any ideas to share.

Soooo... who wants to try them out?  Leave me a comment with a new idea, theme, or 'wish'. Comment with your idea and help me out by pinning it.  Don't forget your e-mail. I will pick two winners this weekend. 

*Thanks for the ideas ladies!  I will be uploading some more. I hope you are enjoying your new templates :)

Here's to organization!  Salud :)


  1. Hi Tania. I pinned your organizer:

    Here's a theme that I like, especially for spring - fruit! I know my blog has a watermelon theme, but I still love to draw and decorate with fruit because it's colorful and healthy.

    I like your desktop because it's colorful and helpful.

  2. Very cute! I'd love to see an owl theme...and my favorite dogs!

    I've pinned it here:


  3. I love sports themes (changing throughout the various seasons)... I also like the idea of authors. Not sure how to do that but it'd be fun!


  4. I LOVE these! I am always struggling to keep my computer files organized! I would love to have some sort of religious theme (I teach at a Catholic school). Something with a popular Bible verse, etc.

  5. These are adorable!! A superhero or ocean theme would be great!!


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