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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vegas Pics.

I am finally ready to share some pictures with you! We had a fantastic time in Vegas, and hope to come back to that side of the country soon. 
When you bring your kids to Vegas, you must stop by the M&M store.  I need a boa!

The weather was beautiful. The sky was amazingly blue. I really hope to get to see the 'real ' tower one of these days :)

Loved the Bellagio's fountain. An amazing 3 minute 'show'!

Gotta love trees that talk and money signs made out of beautiful flowers.

The architecture in every hotel was amazing!

Palm trees and blue skies...sign me up!  I am moving :)

 Hubby did play a few nights.... and wasted lost some money. Boo :(

Food (I found 'real' tacos!!), gelato and a phenomenal show.

 The kids enjoyed staying up past their bed time :)

My favorite part of the trip!  Riding a 12 passenger airplane and admiring The Grand Canyon.

Beyond amazing! 

Moving out west has  been a daily topic since we returned. Colorado is my top pick. Hubby just wants to be away from the humidity. We both want snow! 

If you live out west... where do you live?  How much do you love it?  


  1. Love the pictures. I leave on the 18th for my first ever girls' trip to Vegas! I can't wait!! The pictures are just making it more exciting for me. I can't wait to go!


  2. A whole new world....amazing. Smiles and stop by anytime!