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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to Work I Go with Updated Newsletters

Well, track out has come to an end.  I enjoyed my break with an awesome vacation, spent time with my hubby and became the mommy I wish I could be all the time (for a few days).
I have three workdays and hope to accomplish a lot during that time before the kids return on Monday.

If you remember, I had spent too much time in the boss' office before I tracked out.   I lost sleep over the things that had been happening.
To begin my second quarter on the right foot, I  sent my student's parents a survey on line. I then learned I cannot make everybody happy, but I will continue to do  my best.  Doing my best is all I have control over.
One can always do something better, right?

One item my parents were asking for, were more frequent newsletters. I am supposed to write them by-weekly....well, the surveys says they wanted to be more informed and received them once a week. So, I will try to do just that :)

I sat down, looked at my newsletter and created new templates. The quick project turned into a new product. I really like them!  I hope you do too :)
Find them HERE.

You can find 12 Editable Newsletter Templates: 12 templates in color and 12 templates in black and white.  You can write a one or two page newsletter.  Mine are always two pages as I always include pictures of the kids.

What do you include in your newsletter?  Leave a comment letting me know about your newsletter.  You are welcome to Pin it for an extra chance to win this. Leave me the pin url with your comment.
I will send two of you a copy of my templates.  If you can't wait... they are on sale today and tomorrow in my store.

Back to work I go :)


  1. Another great idea by you! These look adorable. I hope your parents appreciate all that you do!

  2. I just got started doing newsletters, and it's hard for me to be consistent. I was trying for weekly, but it's ended up more every other week. I've been trying to include upcoming events at school & in the classroom, recognize birthdays/achievement awards, and give brief overviews of what/where we are in our various subjects. No pictures b/c I'm pretty bad at remembering to take them.

    Here's my pin:

  3. Love that this is editable!

  4. I pinned them ! Look like a great resource : )

  5. I just did my first newsletter EVER for the month of October. I like to include a teacher's wish list for the classroom, the standards we are working on during the month, and any upcoming events. Also, as the year progresses, I will be including STAR students and recipients of school awards.

    Great product! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

    Mindful Rambles


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