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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Parent Communication

Communicating with parents is something that you learn to do with time. Parents do want to know what goes on in your classroom.  College did not teach me how to ask for things or deliver information that needs to be shared.  The way you communicate with your parents is something that needs tweaking just like anything else that happens in your classroom.

I have tried many things: weekly/monthly newsletter, daily e-mail, Weebly (classroom website), written notes, agendas...  Some proved to work better than others.  Some were a ton of work and not very successful.  This is a topic I continue to struggle with.

On the other hand, these have been the most successful ways of communication with my parents:
  • A monthly newsletter (not printed, but e-mailed).  My current school sends everything electronically, but I did print them years prior. 

  • A quick e-mail at the end of the day. Nothing special. Simple and to the point. #notcutethough

  • The latest bestest thing has been sharing about our upcoming field trip using Maribel's Letter Templates. Trust me when I say... you need them! 

  • I would like to get to be a bit techier and use Instagram, remind, Facebook. Maybe next year :)
Goal for my 2015-2016 year: Better Parent Communication. Here's to that!

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