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Monday, August 18, 2014

End of the School Year Gifts

You are probably thinking End of the School year gifts?!  I know, I know, I am trying to catch up.  I have some 'old material' to cover over here :)

I could not make myself to pass on posting about such an important even in the life of a teacher.  Preparing to say good bye to her awesome class, by thinking of something awesome to say good by with.

So... this is what I did back in June of 2014.  *My camera says I took these pictures on 06/23/24 to be exact. LOL

While you are tired, exhausted, and usually broke, you are always looking for ideas on how to wrap up that last week of school.  Mrs. Lamb, AKA the Tatooed Teacher posted about a product I HAD to have.  I am pretty sure I paid full price for it. LOL.  I usually never do that!  But like I said, I had to have it.

Did you happen to see this in her store?  Did you buy it?  If not...go ahead and do so.  Your kids will go nutso with their awesome memory books. 

Let's take a look inside...

There is one VERY important page. #myteacher.  So let's begin with some of the things my kiddies said about their amazing teacher. I think that is ME :)

By the way.  I am not 36. I am currently, for two more days, 37 years old...did I happen to tell them my age without subtracting 2014 - 1976 correctly?  Who knows!  But they were all wrong :(  Sadly.

My favorite thing about my teacher:
- Is that Mrs. K does a lot of crafts during the 4th quater (so true!)
- I think she is very witty (oh! so true)
- Is that she is smart (They do know me well!) 
- My favorite thing about my teacher is that she tells us lots of stories and she is silly (See?  They loved me!)

OK, OK, I really enjoyed reading their entries and feeling that my itsy bitsy paycheck is so worth the tears, the sweat, and everything else that we do for the love of teaching.

There's more!

- I hope my teacher always : "Acts dramatic like Mrs. K. does every day"  (I bet my hubby would agree with this)
- The best thing in our classroom is: Mrs. K  (Awww)
- My teacher is usually at the: Rainbow table (gotta love a reading table!)

Did you see those super cute portraits?!  There is so much more.  Don't forget to buy it :)

One last look at their gifts.  One awesome book and one personalized bookmark!

One last shameful piece of advertisement.  Hashtag #Memories are from Mrs. Lamb. Find it HERE ...AND The Editable Bookmarks are mine. Find those HERE.  Perfect combination if I do say so myself :)

Happy planning ahead :)

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