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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The latest...and a Sale

Hadn't had a chance to share about our "Fall Festival". Let's face it, it was a Halloween celebration, but we will not tell :)


I hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend. TPT friends are holding a sale, and I am joining them :) Thanks to All Y'all Need for letting me borrow their adorable button. 

We spent Halloween doing fun stuff. Some bat research, reading all of my favorite books (from my personal collection), doing crafts and eating some awesome goodies!
Kids were nice and calm, but I certainly cannot say the same about the day after. I believe the day after Halloween should be a holiday. It was painful. I needed extra coffee. They were extra happy. Elated!

 Photo props were a hit. My room mom came to be the photographer. We have tons of great pictures!

Mummies, pencils, goodie bags, and so much more.

Friday was turkey day. We wrote about an item we are thankful for. I took some quick pictures, but I'll love to share their writing...sometime this week :)

Happy three day weekend.

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  1. What fun pictures! I love your spooky props for Halloween photos - your students must have loved that! :) I should ask a mom to come in and be a photographer during important class parties and activities - I always bring my camera but usually am too busy to snap a picture until it's too late! :) Great idea!

    Joy in the Journey