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Friday, July 5, 2013

Before and Afters of Today.

Today was my last day at work. Woohooo!  My track out began as of 5:00 pm. The family is ready to escape to the mountains and relax for a whole week.

This is what I accomplished today (besides a ton of paperwork).
My buckets needed some serious cleaning and new labels. I made some star labels that match the stars inside the cubbies.

Browsing Boxes and bookworm labels to revamp their 'look'.

If you think you can use the smiley star labels (numbered 1-24) and/or the browsing boxes labels (numbered 1-24), e-mail, I will be happy to send them your way! 

Now...time to do laundry and begin packing for our week getaway. Continue to enjoy your break, as it is my turn to do the same :)  

Best of luck next week to all my track one buddies!


  1. Love the labels! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Happy summer and vacation time!!!! Yipeeeee! Love the labels!!!!!! I would love if you could email them to me :)

    Thank you!!!!!!

    Soaring Through Second

  3. How exciting to be on break! Have a blast on your trip! Your labels look great! Would love them if you wouldn't mind sending them my way!

  4. Yeah! Vacation time! I am always surprised to see so many schools in session year-round. I think I'd like it, but man I love the months of June and July!

    Have a safe and restful trip!

  5. How sweet of you to offer your labels, I'd love a copy if you don't mind. ;)
    Have fun at the mountains!
    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  6. Hi Tania!! I am now your newest follower everywhere! :) I love how you have your browsing boxes! I've never had room to have one for each of my students, but now, I actually do so I'm trying to decide how I want to organize them! :) Thanks for the great ideas!! :)

    All Things Apple in 2nd

    1. Nice to see you here Nicole! Thanks for following :)