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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retelling Wands

The last two weeks, the kids and I did our last review on retelling fiction and nonfiction. I knew I was about to start doing running records and I needed one more change to drill teach these in a different way.
My five leveled groups had two books: one fiction and one nonfiction. The kids met in groups and read with a buddy. We described, defined and retold each element orally and in writing.

We reviewed every single fiction and nonfiction element of the story. 
My students used my latest product, and loved it :)
Find it HERE

60 pages:circles to create your wands, full page posters (colored background) , half way posters (using less ink), and all the retelling in writing forms.
Turn a paint stick + paint spray + Velcro into a wand. 
Use when your students are Reading to Someone (and checking for understanding), retelling during a running record or retelling in writing. 

 Retelling in writing.

I had to try something different and this seemed to do the trick for most of them. They were asked to offer evidence from their text and I was so happy when I saw the results.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you do with the kiddos who do not get author's message?

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  1. I follow you via Google Friend Connect and BlogLovin! Love the new packet!

  2. I love the looks of this packet! I follow you via Google Friend Connect.

  3. And I follow you with BlogLovin. :)

  4. I follow you via Google Friend Connect and BlogLovin!

  5. What a great idea! I am so saddened to say that I had never taught elements of lit explicitly because I always assumed that they knew them from first grade. So I would say things like, where is the setting in this story and my classes always gave me blank looks. Well, I decided to explicitly teach elements of lit this year and I was shocked to find that none of them new what I was talking about! Well...I guess that's what I get for assuming stuff right? So now I'm making it a part of my beginning of the year curriculum because kids need to know this stuff! I love everything you've included! The wands are genius :)
    Learning In Wonderland

  6. I follow you on BlogLovin and Google Friend Connect. This is awesome and just what I need for some great lessons during Guided Reading.
    Leading and Reading

  7. I follow you on both. I teach 1st grade special education & my students struggle with setting, characters, etc... This looks wonderful. I'll be printing this week if I win!

  8. I follow you on both! This looks wonderful! or