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Friday, March 29, 2013

Wedding and Spring Cleaning

Happy Friday friends!  My daughter and I spent our Friday with a dear friend of mine and her kids. Their British accent is to die for. 
I do not have any school-related news... but I am sure you have heard many of us are doing some serious Spring Cleaning.

My house is certainly getting a serious cleaning next week. I hope to show you a couple of rooms I have been dying to clean and organize. Label maker, here I come! 
While that happens, I am certainly cleaning my TPT wish list. My little store will be on sale for two days. 

Thanks to MelonHeadz for the graphic.

My grade-level chair and friend is getting married a barn. I only hope it gets warmer around here and I can actually wear a dress. I found a dress I purchased last year and that is what I am wearing. I hope it fits! 
My kids have a sitter since the hubby has to work. I am sure they are going to love her. I love her. She is a rocking technology teacher. 
8:00 is bedtime around here tonight (for the kids). As soon as I hit publish I am going to try 'the' dress and hope for the best. The wedding is early. I do not have any time to shop, and plan B is something I do not want to think about. 

Here comes the bride!

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