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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Geometry (2-D shapes) and Sale.

I just posted my latest product on TPT. I am so ready for the sale tomorrow!

The kids and I have been playing with shapes for the last two weeks. 

Find it here.

I will be back tomorrow to show you pictures of my students using all of these.

The Mr. went to work today. He had been home sick with some kind of cold/flu. I drove him to the airport trying to be a nice wife. We made the kids do all the chores we could think of, they were hyper today! 

Hope you are ready for the big sale tomorrow. I am on my way to decide how many of the 72 items on my wish list I can actually afford :)
Thanks for the button Ashley!


  1. I SOOO wish I had this packet the last two weeks!! We've been on 2-D shapes and I wasn't lovin' anything on TpT... but this I LOVE! I'm getting it anyways because it's on sale and oh so fab.

    Great work!

    Have a great Sunday :-)
    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit!

  2. Thanks Brittany! I hope you like my shapetastic mustaches.


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