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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Flat Estimation Jar?!

Raise your hand if you have ever used a flat estimation jar. Here, here!...(this is me raising my own hand).

The whole idea began with a small collection of  ... confetti!

They are organized using small Gerber containers. Gerber peaches are my favorite. Yum!
I used them to create a two dimensional estimation jar. 

This is how it works: I pick a handful of confetti. I project the confetti. My students estimate. We use sticky notes to organize our data using post-its. We decide how we are counting our data (by 2's, 5's, 10's). We find who got closest to the actual number and record it on our estimation books. We are making a book with the estimation of the month.

The kids LOVE it!  They keep begging me to get more confetti. I need to go shopping :)
But of course you can continue to use your 3 dimensional estimation jar.
Raise your hand if you'd like to try that? 

This is when you raise your hand and visit my TPT store to check this new product. 

If you are the first one to estimate how big my family is (cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents...) back home in Mexico City, you'll get it for free.


  1. How cute! I've never done a flat estimate jar, but I will this year :) I guess that your family is 35 people??


  2. I'm guessing 20?

  3. Tania! What a great idea, cause estimation can be a tricky thing for some little guys! Thanks, it's really cute!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. We are your newest followers. I was switched to second grade this year and I am looking for second grade blogs to follow.

    Love the flat estimation jar because I love confetti shapes. I do a two dimensional estimation jar and I send it home with the child whose guess is the closests to the answer. The winner keeps the contents of the jar and gets to fill the jar next. Now I do not have to provide anything. Kids post thier guess on a sticky not and put on the hundreds chart.

    My guess is 27.


  5. I love your 2-D estimation jar idea. I am always looking for new ideas to show students estimation in the classroom. I am definitely going to try this in my classroom. I am a new follower.

    Well, I am going to try and use my knowledge from my students that are from Mexico because most of their families are big. SO my guess for you would be 50.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  6. Your TpT products are looking fantastic! Love the flat estimation jar idea! Now, for the number of people in your family....I wish I had asked you this before... I am going to guess 72!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  7. This is a cute idea! My guess is 114.

  8. I just found your blog & love the 2-d estimation jar. I'm your newest follower and I'd love for you to check out my blog as well. Oh... my guess is 18.

    take care,