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Saturday, June 30, 2012

8 years and Counting

Yesterday marked the end of my eighth year of teaching (all in second grade).  I promised myself I was not going to be sad since it had not been an easy year. That was easier said than done.
We had a fun week, full of special events (puzzles, favorite songs, show-and-tell, picnic, end of year memory book, pictures wearing Mexican hats, last class picture, awards and a present from me). 
I really do speak from the heart those last five minutes while giving them my last speech.  I always beg them not to let anyone take their dreams away.. no matter how hard it is to reach them. That is when I always loose the "strong teacher image" everyone has of me. I had to pause a few times and take deep breaths.  I received some amazing hugs and great compliments about our year together. While lining up for dismissal, one of my girls said "Thank you for an amazing year"... and that is what brings me back to teaching each and every day. I am getting teary again :(
Beginning Monday, we have a week of meetings and time to work in our rooms to get them ready for Meet the Teacher this Thursday. Hopefully I get my new class list and begin labeling everything! I have a thing for labels :) Since I work in a year round school, my peers begin the new school year July 9th. I go on break for 2 weeks and 2 day. Woohooo!!!
We are planning on being here  for a week or so.  
I visited Disney World for my 21st birthday (long time ago) with my best friend and my then boyfriend A.K.A hubby. 5 years ago, we took my son before he started kindergarten. We stayed in an all inclusive resort, ate Mickey Mouse waflles every day, and surrounded ourselves with all the magic... boy style.
This time is my daughter's first time, right before she enters kindergarten, along with my mother who is visiting from Mexico City for two months.  I am super excited to do the girly version this time!
We are trying to do this the 'cheap way'.   We are driving and staying off Disney property. Any tips?


  1. Love Disney! I just went with my family in April. We like to go early, come home in the middle of the day (when it's hot and crowded) and go back later on in the day. Have Fun!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Congrats on 8 years! I wish I had some tips about Disney, but we haven't been there with the little one. I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger award. Stop by sometime for more info :)
    Stories by Storie


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