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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do you Woozle?

Math is my thing.  The one thing I wish I could teach all day, every day.  I love writing and reading too, but math is my thing.

The county I work for, has a math department that provides tons of professional development. This idea came from them.  I just added a few things here and there to make it fit my style.
Organizing data using a three set Venn diagram  is an easy task since I learned this new trick :)

I used:
3 Venn diagrams, 3 copies of the Woozles (different colors) and tons of modeling.
You can download the Woozles here :)

We made a chart with possible attributes to sort our data (Woozles).

I modeled how to choose three attributes. We used laminated Wozzle cards and the kids came up to the white board (I really want a smartboard!!!) to tape them. They were sure to check that each Wozzle was placed in the correct spot.

Then kids worked in teams of 4-5 members.  Each team had a pile of Woozles to work with.  They decided what attributes to use for their poster and got busy taking turns / voting for the attributes they wanted, choosing who was cutting them , choosing who was gluing...

We created statements that described our data. The kids created statements for their posters too.

Each team created a poster including their statement cards.
Woozles are always a big hit!!

Oh Yes!  Math is my thing.


  1. Math isn't my thing, but I love the Woozles!!! If you get a chance, could you email me where I could find them? Not sure if they would be on CMAPP, maybe... I'm glad math is your thing, so you can share with us! ;)
    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. Hey Jen! I found it in my Partners of Mathematics binder. I will scan and add to this post. CMAPP and I are not buddies :)