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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

Hello friends.  I am 14 days away from finishing the school year. Count down is on!  I am running out of steam, and whining more than usual a lot.  I need a vacation, or a very strong cup of coffee right now.

I am joining  the TTT  linky party today, as I take a few minutes to 'relax' from all the mClass assessments I have been doing all day long: 10 down, 11 to go.

I teach:  My kiddos are incredibly  independent right now. I am so in love.  Really. They could run the classroom and make me very proud. Why do I have to send them to third grade?  This always happens to me, but I am certainly not in love with the idea of looping.  I like to get a fresh bunch every year.

I have:  I guess I have failed.  It does not matter how hard I try, how many things I implement, how many different strategies I teach, how many e-mails I reply to.... I will forever continue to receive hate e-mails from people who think I do not do enough for their child.  My heart aches, because (I swear)  I work as hard as I can, and it is still not enough :(  I wish some people could walk in my shoes for a day.  Just one day :)  I go to bed knowing that I have given it my all and that no matter what happens I can be proud of how hard I have tried.  That is all I can do.

I watch:  While I 'work', I like to watch TV. Anything with a lawyer will do for me :)  My hubby says I should to go law school, apparently, I like to argue and get my way.  I would love the nice paycheck, and the suits, and hot lawyers around me, but I think the teaching thing is my thing :)

I listen:  When I feel depressed or tired, I get into the car and listen to happy, loud  music (like really loud!). I have a collection of happy songs that always make me feel better. I sing as loud as I can and ignore those who are probably watching me and dying laughing. I like to pretend I am auditioning for a Broadway show.  I know Ricky Martin will find me one day and hire me as a backup singer. I also like to listen to loud music and wake up the neighbors when I clean the house.  Nothing like dancing with the broom.

I read:  Honestly, the last book I read for pleasure was Highest Duty by Captain Sully, you know, the pilot. I find huge pleasure in reading teacher books, Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire, Teaching Like a Pirate, The Book Whisperer... were the last three books I remember reading.  
I do a ton of blog reading everyday.  Sometimes I skim, sometimes I read and comment :)  Reading blogs has to count to my daily reading, right?

I do: I am honestly not a social person.  I do enjoy socializing when I am invited to fun events, but I truly enjoy solitude.  I do have a handful of true friends and I am thankful that they love me for who I am :)  I have never been popular, but those who call me friends know that I am there no matter what...forever!

Happy Monday to you!