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Thursday, November 13, 2014

SUPER Thankful Thread Linky

I have disappeared again.  I am sorry. I get a chance to check my IG account almost daily, but blogging has been a hard thing to get to after hours of school work.  Grad school is almost over (for this semester anyway), and I am hoping to have more time to share things with you soon. I am just thankful you have not left me. Thank you!

The super girls and I are having a Super Thankful Linky and we would love for you to join us HERE.

My students and I will be taking some time to report about things we are thankful for with our families during our school festivities next week... more on that later next week :)

For now... my bloggy friends I am SUPER thankful for..

Don't forget to join the linky party with us!  

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  1. Hooray to teaching 3rd grade! 25 is a good number of kids to have for easy collaborative work. I hate it when you get a weird number and there is always an odd one out or a group that has an uneven amount of kids. #OCD

    A LoveLi Class