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Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday - You May Need a Cape

Are you still there? I hope you are still around.  I have missed you!
I am the worst blogger ever. But I have good excuses :)

Let's do a Five for Friday recap since I have not joined this fun linky for about a year. Shame on me!


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Track out time is over. I went back to work yesterday and the kiddos return Monday. 
After having three days off between the new job and school years, I finally got to relax, eat, sleep, and enjoy the family.  

So, we did it again. We took our second cruise as a family. 
We went with Royal Caribbean this time. I did cry a bit when I saw the (Magic) Disney boat right next to us. We tried to get on, but they declined our admission. So we spent seven precious relaxing days in the Caribbean.  
Sun, heat, humidity (good bye make-up), food, entertainment, no schedules, no alarms, coconuts, and bathing suits were part of our life for seven glorious days.  I have a gazillion pictures to download and this time I demanded asked to be in more than one. 
The kids and I got a bit darker. They take after their mom when it comes to tanning. Hubby wishes he was like 'us' :)

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The best part of cruising is getting to your cabin every night after watching an amazing show or shaking it on the dance floor.
We had two cabins (hello mom and dad time!), and each of our cabins had different friends waiting for us. Here are just a few of them. 

Aren't they precious?!
The towel you see on the second picture is obviously not a friend, but a super nice thing RC is doing while you cruise.  For a donation you get a shirt and/or towels to help the Make a Wish Foundation.  We got 4 shirts and two towels.  The best money spent on the boat for sure.  Hubby may think that his wine package was, but I disagree :)

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Right before we left, I spent hours, I mean days, seating in front of the computer working on grad school papers. I am trying not whine, but I.Can't.Stop.Myself!  It is killing me guys!
I can't blog. I can't create new things. I have NO free time. I am considering being the quitter I have never been. So tempting!  

If you are in grad school, how you do it all? Please help me.  This level of stress I have been experiencing does not seem worth it.

On a positive note. Check this out!  I created it for a presentation I had to do.  Not only that, I had to record myself explaining step by step.  Holly accent... that was painful :)

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Help! I had never had to use a textbook to teach anything.  My opinion does not really count since I signed a contract that said I would use what is provided and follow what I am being told. I am a rule follower :)
With that being said, I would love to chat with anyone who has used Saxon.  I would love to e-mail you and pick your brain.

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You may need a cape or a cool mask to read this. 

While you wait...go ahead and feel free to follow HERE.

Here's to a productive weekend!  Thanks for stopping by :)


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