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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently April

I am tracked out.  The sun came out again (woohoo!). I need to go on a diet.  I just got a speeding ticket this morning. Hubby is working on the yard (without asking for help). What else could I need?  :)  Join the party with Farley and wish her luck. Good luck to all of you who have begun testing!  

Listening:  We have an old dell computer. We would love a Mac, but honestly, I am not ready to spend that much money on it, and learn something new.  I cannot handle the learning curve right now. My brain may explode. For right now, the humming noise and the only noise in the house is coming from our old, old computer.

Loving: Here is the truth: I do not take good care of my face. I like to touch my face (and not in a nice way). My face looks beat up, and I do not know much about make up.  A friend of mine recommended her make up (Bare Minerals) , so I went shopping for it yesterday.
I have worn it one day and my face feels smooth and I look radiant (just kidding- I thought I sounded like a commercial, so I had to go with it). I took notes yesterday about application. There are too many bottles and containers on my bathroom counter ...and brushes. I am so confused with the brushes!  I guess my handy dandy label maker is going to have to help me label them. I need a checklist too!  Such a teacher. So OCD :)

Thinking: Thursday cannot come fast enough :)  I will be sure to take a billion pictures. Mickey must kiss me again...I will have nice make up this time. 

Wanting: There are some decisions I need to make that involve my career, my family, our future.  I am hoping I choose what is best for all of us.  I need to choose to be happy instead of just surviving and living day by day. I must make a priority to find my happy place :)

Needing:  I feel content. I nee nothing!  I have more than I deserve. I do. 

Hours and last day: Our school day hours are 8:45 - 3:45  I usually arrive around 8:15 and leave around 4:30. I may add, I never leave school with a bag full of things to do at home.  I live 3 minutes from school, so when I sleep in...I can still make it to work right before the bell rings.  Don't tell the boss I confessed I love my sleep!
June 27th is our last day this year, and my count down has not begun yet. I have so much to teach and enjoy :)

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I hope spring reaches you soon and sticks around. 


  1. Wow! June 27th?! I don't know if I could make it that long. :)

    Enjoy your Disney cruise!!

    Third Grade Bookworm

  2. Good luck on making that tough choice. I was at a similar place a few years ago. Once the choice was made I felt a literal lift off pressure on my body. It will be all good, as one of my coworkers says. :)

  3. How exciting to be getting to go on your first Disney Cruise!!!! Sounds like fun!!!