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Friday, February 14, 2014

Win My Entire Store and a Weekend Sale

Happy Heart day friends!

The Mr. went to work today. No flowers, no chocolate, no cards...that's is how romantic we are :)  No, really, we have never been big on celebrating anything.  I guess we both know it and are OK with it.
I may leave the house today (after three snow days) or bad things can happen to my own two children :)  Movies may be calling our names right now.

I need your help.  I really would love to encourage you to leave feedback on any TPT purchases you make. You earn points towards your next purchases, and in the mean time, you make us (the sellers), super happy. There is a little bit of a heart attack every time I get an e-mail with a buyers feedback.  Please know we take your feedback seriously and myself, very personally.

I am here to (pretty please) beg you to go back and rate any of the products/freebies you have downloaded from my store.  I really want to know how to make my products better and without your feedback is hard for me to continue to do so. is your chance to go back to your purchase tab and find any products you have purchased from me so you can...

This is how I will select two winners:
- Leave feedback on any products you have purchased in the past will receive 3 entries.
- Leave feedback on any freebies will received 1 entry.
- Purchase and leave feedback this week will receive 10 entries
- I will have a list of all the winners, and my love bug will choose two winners next Friday 02/21/14

I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchases from me. Please e-mail me if there is anything I can do to make that happen. 

A sale for you all weekend.
My Second Sense Store can be found HERE :)

THANK YOU for your feedback. I have e-mailed all my files to a sweet follower who does not have a blog, but has left some amazing feedback that will help me a better TPTer. Muchas Gracias! 

I hope you spend a fabulous day with people you love!


  1. You would so appreciate this one. My hubby is paying my TPT from last week for my Valentine's Day present. I told him that would be better than roses! I may have to attempt my driveway later today. I think we're all very tired of snow in East Tennessee!
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  2. Love your store! wendy 1stgradefireworks