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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Sale

Hubby went to work for 4 days today. No Superbowl for him, but we will have a quiet night at home. Missing him while we watch the commercials :) 
I do not have a favorite team, so we will be cheering for both while devouring our yearly chicken nachos. A one night tradition around here. No beer, no margaritas... sprite and sweet ice tea will do for us. We live a dangerous life, I tell ya'.  

The most dangerous thing I will do (besides attempting to cook) will be to do some shopping. So, how about a sale?
Come and visit me HERE

Let the best team win!  

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  1. Awesome, so thankful to concentrate on that you were came coming back & that you are still going to be online shopping. We shouldn't let 1 bad experience put us off all together :)