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Saturday, December 28, 2013

LOVE My SitSpots! (Giveaway)

Back in November I received an e-mail from Patty (Second in Line) letting me know I had won her giveaway.  "The" SitSpots giveaway!

Let me explain :)

Patty contacts me. I give her my contact info and Joyce (the creator), herself, calls me!  Let's talk about customer service, right?  She calls me one day, my spots show up a day and a half later. Yeap...extra happy teacher here.
A box can make anyone happy, but when that box has goodies for your classroom... happiness turns into major excitement. You stop what you are teaching (I certainly did), introduce these products to your students, and the excitement just continues when you see the amazing results. 

I picked red dots.  But there are other choices of shapes and colors. I love red. My classroom is full of red.

There are many shapes and colors for you to choose from.  The velcro material is quite strong!  My floor has been vacuumed over and over and they are attached  to the carpet.  They have not moved an inch.  Super velcro power included :)

So, this is how I organized them.  I started with one spot (see my rocking chair?).  I chose one of my students to sit on the spot.  I wanted to measure their personal space :)   Then I put the second SitSpot down, picked a new student... you get the idea right?  SitSpot, Student, Personal Space, SitSpot, Student, Personal Space and so on.
Once they were all set, the kids learned they had a spot to sit on from then on.  No more fights, no more arguing.  No more girls pushing each other to see who sits closest to my stinky feet and pet my more of that :) 
See? They are not on top of each other. Plenty of space for everyone :)

Now... I have to be totally honest with you. I had no idea how useful these were going to be. I had no idea how much my students were going to love them. I had no idea that something like this would make 'carpet time' so much easier. It DID!  I am beyond thrilled, pleased and super happy about this innovative product. They totally ROCK. 

Are the kids playing with them...nope :)  I was honestly shocked, but they did not. 
We also had a "how we will take care of our SitSpots conversation"...if you know what I mean.
So, this is what I want you to imagine. A classroom where each student has their own SitSpot. No fights. More time to teach. No arguing. More time to do whatever you do during carpet time.  Personal space for your students. Quick sitting time and more teaching time...score!

Joyce is amazing. Please visit her HERE to check her amazing product. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. I do not want to sound like a commercial. I just want to share my honest opinion. I am a very honest person :)

The best part... You can win some SitSpots for your classroom!  Happy carpet time my friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness! These are just what I need. I have been looking for something like this. I hope I win!
    Ms Richards's Musings

  2. I keep entering these contest and crossing my fingers. I NEED these SitSpots! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  3. Wow - you sure were lucky to win these. We sit on the rug all the time so these would make sure everyone had their personal space.

  4. I may have to order a set while the price is still $1! They look great.

  5. Those look awesome! It would be nice to have a carpet time without all the drama :) I would have a hard time deciding on a design but that's a good problem to have. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  6. These look great! I have a space themed classroom so stars would be awesome. I entered the giveaway you won! Thanks for the opportunity to win again!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  7. These are so great! I would love to have these in my room!

  8. wow! I have seriously been looking for something like this over break this year. :)


  9. I would love to win these! My kinders could use some help in learning about personal space!

  10. I would love to win these! They look wonderful! ((tired of the tape on the floor-I had to use duct tape this year :( ))

  11. I actually found you through Instagram this morning and started following you on bloglovin! Now as I'm reading blog post I see you're having a fun giveaway! Yay me!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  12. I would so love to win this. I literally have the BIGGEST problem with this exact issue this year. It has really worn me down! I've been looking for a solution and these look great! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sticky Notes & Glitter: A Second Grade Adventure!

  13. I think I'm going to have to order now before the price goes up. I was hoping to hold out, but the price just can't be beat right now! Unless I win!! :) (but then I'll just have more!)

  14. I never saw these before. I love them!

  15. Love sitspots! These look like an amazing organizational tool for the carpet area! I could even imagine using these for organizing work areas for centers. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  16. Thanks for such a great giveaway. These look simple and easy to use.

  17. These look great!