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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently and 'The' Sale

Wooohooo!  December is here! Even though the year went by way too fast, there is nothing like a Christmas tree full of toys, hyper kids who do not sleep enough, yummy food , friends and family.  That's what the holidays are all about, right?

Currently...I am ...

Listening:  The Mr. worked over Thanksgiving, so his mom, sister (and husband) are coming over for a belated Thanksgiving dinner. Italian dinner and chocolate souffle is on the menu. 

Loving: my Elf in the Classroom. He is my first!  I am getting my journals together (tonight) and hoping this guy makes a huge entrance tomorrow. The boss gave me the OK to have him over. Let's juts hope I do not get in trouble with any parents. 
Thinking:  The one thing I do not enjoy much is writing my Christmas list. I can never seem to decide what I really want or need. The Mr. and I are horrible about the whole list thing. Our kids are not :)

Here is what I have so far: camera bag, fonts, clipart, clothing, laptop...and last but not least, a vacation we have been talking about for years.  The Mr. really wants to go to Argentina. Patagonia to be exact. So, you see?  I rather save my money and have a fantastic vacation next year. We are thinking April.  I really do not need anything. I want just a few things. 
Gotta love when I make connections with my teaching. My economics unit right now is all about needs and wants.

Wanting:  I am trying to pick one thing, just one thing to buy from my list. We shall see.

Needing: We have 15 days before my longest break of the year.  We get our Christmas break and the track out time, back to back! Yeap. I am SO ready. Our new report cards are on line and if I could just take a minute to say: the system stinks! I am being positive here and hope for the best this time around.

Favorite tradition:  I do not think we really have anything that amazing :(  We always wait for daddy to be home to set up the tree (he has to bring it down from the attic), then we listen to all the Christmas music we have...loudly. We decorate the tree, sing and drink hot chocolate. Nothing super 'cool'.

Stop by to say hello to Farley HERE. I will make sure to check on you later tonight or this week. I will be enjoying a family dinner very soon.

And... don't forget about the sale Monday and Tuesday. I hope you find tons of goodies!

Hoping you have a fantastic week at school!


  1. I feel the same way - my husband has asked me several times what I want for Christmas, and I say "ummmmm." Hope you enjoy your time with family tonight!

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  2. We are doing a 4 item list-- something you need, want, to wear and to read with the entire family this year!! It made lists with college and grown kids easier!! I can't wait to follow your blog and see how the elf project goes.

  3. My mom has an elf in her classroom and her students (Kindergarteners) love it. I thought about using it with mine, but they are 8th graders so I'm not sure if it would work. haha They are a little too jaded at 14. Hope your 15 days go by quickly!
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  4. I totally agree with saving up for a vacation instead of getting gifts. I do the same thing. For the past few years, my sister and I have forgone the gifts at Christmas and go on a trip together and I love it!
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