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Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Schedule and a Fall Favorites Giveaway

I am liking up with TGIF to share my weekly schedule. I'd love see how you spend your day :)

A few facts/notes about my schedule:
- We are one of the elementary school with the latest bell schedule (8:45 - 3:45).
- Team time is something new to us - AKA intervention time- not in love with the time chosen :(
- I use my literacy time to do my CAFE rotations and lessons along with guided reading
- I have a completely separate spot for Writer's Workshop...which I love.
- We do have specials every day this year. Thank goodness! Art, P.E., Music, Computers and Character Ed./Reader's Theater
- The only times I cannot change are lunch and team time. The rest of the day is for us to decide what to teach and when.
- We teach science one month and social studies the month after (per marking period).
- We have a new dismissal this year (from our rooms), which allows me to clean my room while the kids pack up = happy teacher!
- Kids are allowed in the building at 8:45, but school officially starts at 9:20. Teachers are dismissed around 4:14, after all buses are gone.

And now... would you like to come and visit some new friends and get the chance to enter a super giveaway I am part of?

 Visit Jaime @ Bright Concepts for Teachers HERE. Visit Aimee @ Primarily Speaking HERE.

Happy Week to You!

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  1. You are so lucky that you get so much say in your schedule. In the last few years we have taken on a "block" schedule where everyone at the same grade level has a block set aside for reading, writing and math. We also have two intervention blocks. The hardest part about these times is that we can't do any "real teaching" it has to be practice time and something that students who are pulled out will not miss out on. It makes it really hard to make the time meaningful. We make the best of it though! :)

    It's so fun to get a look at everyone else's schedule! Thanks, for sharing!

    Teaching with Hope