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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Busy-Self and 'the' Sale

You have heard about THE sale, right?
Tomorrow and the day after is the day to work on your wishlist :)

I have been beyond busy, unbelievable tired and (the good news), done with all my reading assessments!!!

I survived Open House this past Monday. How can I talk to hundreds of kids at once, but have a hard time chatting with 15 or so adults? I am much more confident presenting what I know now, but I still get Open House Jitters.

My kiddies are sweet, respectful, full of energy, and tiny :)  Did I say s.l.o.w.? You know you over plan when you haven't planned in two weeks :)
I scored another amazing room mom. Well, she is a repeating room mom. I had her oldest son 3 years ago, and I am now lucky to have her youngest.

The hubby has been off since last Thursday and is off this coming week (he must be off for my birthday)!!! I was able to go shopping!

I was able to find some things I like...but hubby says I always buy the same things :(

My son turned 11 last month and we are finally celebrating. We are having ten 11 year olds coming over for pizza, cake, and then we are taking them to the movies. My son is beyond excited and cannot go to sleep
I found party favors at Target :)

And lastly...I received my blogger exchange box. Please let me clarify that Krystyn sent the box a few weeks back :) I am the one who is late making my happy announcement.

Happy weekend everyone!  


  1. I always go through that period of time when I plan for my end of the year second grade kids and forget how young then come in the beginning. They do like a quarter of the things that I plan :)

    Sounds like you are off to a good start though!


  2. My hubby says everything I buy is the same too!!

  3. Oh my goodness you have been a busy lady! Happy birthday to YOU and your son! I hope the party was a blast! I just finished my assessments too! It's exhausting! You are not alone!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers