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Friday, August 30, 2013 and I am alive!

H-e-l-l-o friends!!!!  I am still alive. Breathing, and doing by best to survive the paperwork, the routines, the awesomeness of a new school year, and the changes (oh! the changes ). 

This girl has been busy! I mean, this is my 3rd post this month. I salute all of you who blogged on your first day of school. I am pretty sure I too a long nap as soon as I laid on the living room couch. I also remember going to bed around 7:00 a few times (or more).

Ready for Five for Friday?
Read to Someone has always been a favorite rotation. I hear daily begging :)
This year I am loving how they check their understanding and ask such great questions to each other. I am one proud teacher!

My mathematicians are rocking place value! They love making a huge amount of noise using base ten blocks and recording their assignments using their math notebooks.

Two of the most amazing teachers I know, moved schools :(  Tomorrow they will receive a little present from me, just to show them how much I miss them. Do you keep in touch with your friends who decide to adventure elsewhere?

I celebrated my 27th 37th birthday last week. It was an amazing day.
The day started by feeling a bit sad. No one at home said anything :(  I was wondering if they had forgotten.
Things changed quickly though, I got to school and many.many. of my babies (and a few of their parents) from last year came to visit with notes, gifts and cards. My new babies did the same thing!  I left school with the biggest smile. Once I got home, we went out to eat and opened my fabulous presents. Hubby did well!

I took a half (mental) day off. I had too much to do, and I just needed a few extra hours in the day to get them done. Clothes for me (score!), presents for my baby who turns 6 today, and some super cute notes for my kids's teachers (@Staples). 

I am looking forward to celebrating being 37th with all of you!  Come and join the party wit Kacey.[fiveforfriday2%255B5%255D.jpg]


  1. Happy belated birthday, friend!! It looks like your kiddos are really rocking their school routines. :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! And I too have some fabulous teachers that I no longer work with that I keep in touch with as much as possible!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. Happy Birthday!! Don't you love when the kiddos remember things like that?
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. Happy Birthday! I keep in touch with teachers I no longer work with, as well; it's a good thing! My four year old would go crazy over all of those fun finds you got your daughter! Happy Birthday to both of you!

    Primarily Speaking