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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Christmas in July Numero 5 (6 Day Sale) & Let's Get Acquainted

Here I am, ready for another sale and another linky!
20% off for 24 hours.

Teaching to retell fiction and nonfiction using retelling wands? The wizard is here for you!
Find it here.

I mustache you to check this one out.
Find it here

Time to get acquainted!  This is my first time linking up to Flying into First Grade, and I am pretty excited to give more advice. I am clueless, but I am pretending that I know what I am talking about :)

BUY: school supplies on sale. Unless it is your first year, wait for the great sales to stock up for the following year. I usually get folders, pens, erasers and notebooks for almost nothing! I can't pass the clearance isles without filling up my cart.

ALWAYS: be prepared. I am a much better teacher (calmer) when everything I need is ready to go. I will not lie...some of my best lessons have been when I improvise. Having copies ready to go, lessons for the whole week, books picked out will only show in your teaching and any surprise visitors :)

NEVER: feel like you are competing with others. You have your own style. Embrace it! Find your style and run with it.

FIND: time for yourself. (this is something I am still working on). Find a way to do something for yourself, anything that makes you happy will do :)

MAKE: yearly professional goals. Aim for one thing to work on. It may be your writer's workshop, it may be your literacy block or math stations. Whatever it is... do not try to do it all. Quality Vs. Quantity :)

BE: Flexible. Even you have the best idea, the best lesson plans...things happen. Be open to change it all. 

Time to visit the rest of the bloggers...

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