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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently and Bloglovin' Giveaway

It's (early) currently time. But who does not love Farley? I am happy having early Farley time!

I said goodbye to my precious class yesterday with tears and many hugs. My heart is still feeling blue and achy. I am hoping for a good class!!!!

This week, I get to spend it attending meetings and more meeting (I will do my best to stay awake), meeting new team members and getting ready for Meet the Teacher on Tuesday.

But life is good! I am beyond lucky.

Listening: TV background to keep the kids occupied. I know. I am a bad mom for working on school and blog stuff.

Loving: My mom is visiting for a month. Today we did some serious shopping damage. It felt good spending time with her and actually feeling like somebody listens to me while I shop. Hubby is not so good at it. Shopping time is exactly what I needed. This girl needed something new for Meet the Teacher on Tuesday.

Thinking: about our first trip to the mountains. We are renting a small cabin near Ashville. A week of relaxation, fishing, canoeing and sight seeing. I am dying to visit the Biltmore. 

Wanting: to clean my classroom and get it ready for Meet the Teacher. 
I will be in my classroom tomorrow (yes, on Sunday) to do some deep cleaning. My cubbies have billions of  hand prints. Mr. Clean magic erasers and I will spend some quality time together. 

Needing: I have so much to share with you about my end of the year projects. I am hoping to schedule some of these posts while I relax next to the beautiful lake, watching my kids fish with their dad. 

Tips, trick, or hints: This may sound harsh, but I so hate when bloggers blog about their products all. the.time. A balance between post are a most. IMO.
Please do not misunderstand me. The extra money is heavenly. I tutor on the side and my TPT money is my play money. I truly appreciate all of you who have purchased something from me, or from any of the amazing bloggers out there. But really, I do not like reading a blog and feeling I am reading a commercial after commercial. Enough said :)

And last, but not least.
I am sure you have heard about the Bloglovin' craze. Leave me a comment telling me you are following my blog via Bloglovin', followed by your username. I will be picking three winners to choose an item from my TPT store. I will announce the 3 awesome people on Tuesday night.


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    Love the pic of the lake.. wishing you and the family a wonderful time!

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  7. You'll be in my part of the world next week. I'm just over the mountain/hill. My cousin from Denver swears our mountains are just big hills. Either way I love my Tennessee Hills/Mountains. I spent the first week of vacation at Fontana, NC! I'm just not a beach person. It's fine every few years. (Oh yeah, I'm following with bloglovin - Sara Brown otherwise known as

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  9. North Carolina is so pretty! Your vacation sounds wonderful have a blast.

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