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Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday (House Edition)

It is FRIDAY!!!!!  Well, maybe I should not be this happy, because today is my last day off.  But I am happy for you!
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Track out has come to an end. I have a workday on Monday and my kiddos come back Tuesday.
I enjoyed my break, and I am sooo ready for round four. 11 weeks left with my babies.

The hubby and I did some work together around the house, and created a house to do list. We have lived here almost 5 years and it still looks like we juts moved in.
While he was at work, I did a ton of spring cleaning. One day he came back, and asked what I had done with his wife :)

The 'working on the house' continues..

You see those ugly over grown bushes????? They are at a better place right now. Not sure where, but they are gone. We never liked them.  We are putting down some pavers, planters, a little table and chairs to enjoy some morning coffee and watch the kids while the play with the neighborhood kids. Right now, we are waiting for the HOA to 'allow' us to finish. 

I went window shopping. Target has these cool hanging thingies. Another project in the works needs something on the wall, and I thought they would be perfect. 
I found the spoon to make friends with the fork, but my kitchen does not have much wall space :(

We received some sample wood pieces along with an estimate for our living room. Do you think they match what we already have? The hardwood on the left is what we have right now in the kitchen and formal dining room. The nasty carpet in the living room must go. 

My office transformation!  I spent five hours yesterday cleaning this nasty place. I should be ashamed of myself for showing this picture. But I am so happy with the results, I am OK with you seeing it.
There are a few details I am working on. Once that is finished, I will show you a bit more of the magic transformation. 

Post-it heaven!  This picture is only related to the house projects because I did some tutoring at home. After my tutoring session, I took my student to a frozen yogurt place down the street. I had never been there. It was her choice. I just loved the post-it wall gallery.
I am planning on taking my kids there this weekend and creating a paste piece to post there :)

'Till my next track out!  My house is about to be neglected for a while.

Any secrets on how to keep a house clean?


  1. I love that place! It is SO close to both of our houses! We need to meet up soon for some:)


  2. Your office looks awesome, so jealous!! My whole house is about the size of that, lol! The post-it note wall is awesome, thanks for sharing.

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. We can switch homes anytime you want. I rather have your view :)

  3. Dang girl! Come clean my office. I will have to be brave and do a before and after when I finally get some time to clean it...probably summer break now. LOL!
    And yes, I think the wood is a good match! I say go for it!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. I have to admit I enjoy cleaning and organizing. We are hoping the floors turn out :) Thanks!