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Friday, August 3, 2012

August Currently and New (School) Year Resolutions

August is my birthday month, and Farley is hosting a Bigotes (Mustache) linky along with her fabulous Currently.


I have always been very goal oriented and this is a super cool way of sharing my goals.  Amanda (Teaching Maddeness) is helping me stay accountable :)

Resolution number one:
Finding balance between home and school. I'd love to spend more time with my family and work a little less. I want to be able to leave school with nothing but my purse. I am one of those workaholics.
How do you find balance? It's been 8 years and I can't seem to be able to do it.

Resolution number two:
I have implemented Daily Five for a year and a half. This year I would love to add CAFE. My goal is to have Daily Five, CAFE and Writer's Workshop create a group of lifelong readers, writers and thinkers.

Resolution number three:
Learn, familiarize, and implement Common Core as best I can with all the amazing resources available.

Resolution number four:
Find the time to blog about my classroom life and share what I can with all my amazing followers. I have learned so much from others and I would love to pay it forward.

Resolution number five:
Let it go!  I need to learn to let things go...


  1. I don't have a personal laminator, either! I keep walking by them and for some reason, I don't get it! Maybe someday. :)

    I found your blog through Farley's August Currently linky party!

    4th Grade Haps and Hacks

  2. Congrats on surviving another first week! Mine is coming way too soon. I'm your newest follower. Check me out at

  3. Thanks for linking up Tania! RUN...don't walk and get a personal laminator NOW! :) I just used mine for the first time last week and am in L-O-V-E...soooo much better than the big one at school and it was only $27 at Target!!

    This is my 15th year of teaching and I still haven't found the balance...I think "work-a-holic" is in teachers' blood! :( Though, I will still be striving to get a balance this year, too!

    Here's hoping we keep our resolutions and have a fabulous year!

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. I got the laminator yesterday :) Silly me, did not buy extra laminating sheets :(