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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Classroom and 12 on the 12th - May

Welcome to my classroom!  I have to confess... I only took some pictures since it is almost the end of the year (7 weeks to go).

Come and check it out here :)

On the other hand...

My first 12 on the 12th (May) with Doodle Bugs!  It was a busy day, and hubby thought I was crazy taking 'silly' pictures.  He really does not get me some times :)

1) Our big girl's (turning 5 soon) furniture arrived today.  I am pretty sure the entire neighborhood heard her. Her excitement surpassed her ability to use her inside voice (which she really does not have). 
2) Furniture boxes are the coolest toy around!
3) The only way to keep your daughter semi-quiet and still, is when you pain her toenails :) Just tell her they are not dry :)
4) Wore my favorite shoes. Not the most comfortable, but the cutest pair I own.
5) Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner. Yummy!
6) Dessert
7) Read one more chapter while hubby made brownies
8) Movie Night! 
9) Blogging about last week and getting another post semi-ready for this week :)
10) Looking for a few books for a giveaway with a bloggy friend
11) Giveaway books for Jen
12) Saturday Night Live while blogging (gotta love Will Ferrel!l)


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  2. ery cool 12 on 12 post. I especially {heart} the way you tell her her toes are still wet!
    I'll email soon about the giveaway!! Pinky-promise!!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  3. Boxes always make the greatest toys! And, the cutest shoes are never the most comfortable! Sad, but true! :)