Monday, January 19, 2015

TPT Feedback

This past week I read this fabulous blog post from Jen. She is the creator of some super cute clip art. I hope you have met her before. She blogs HERE.  I have not met her personally but she sounds like the kind of person I like to be real friends with :)  You gotta love her honesty and humor.

I will confess that I am one of those who leaves feedback all the time, maybe a day later (or two) from my purchases but I always do.  Freebies are no different.  I have never been really good at leaving something substantial (I am working on that), but I do like to say a bit more than Thank you.  Do not get me wrong, I rather get a thank you than nothing at all, but a bit more is always better, right?

It is heart breaking to see your rating go down after a not so perfect 4.0. and all you see is Thank you. It feels like a punch in the stomach, but again, it is better than no feedback at all.  Please know that your comments mean the world to us. Let us know how we can earn that 4.0 if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

I have recently looked at all my sales, and the amount of feedback I have received.  There is a huge discrepancy between both numbers.  I am here to beg bribe  you to check your purchases and freebie downloads from my store.  In exchange, you can...

Beginning tonight 01/19/15 to Sunday 01/25/15 all of you who visit my store, and leave feedback (purchased and/or freebies) will have the opportunity to win my entire TPT store. I will write your user name on a piece of paper and on Sunday, I will ask my daughter to pick a winning name. I will then send you all my paid products via e-mail. 

Can't wait to write your name down :)  


  1. What a terrific idea :) Yes, it is so sad when I see tons of downloads and 2 feedbacks :( I feel even worse when someone bought something and they don't leave feedback. I wish I could reach out to people and tell them to do it at least to get their TpT credits you know?

    Man, I leave feedback the second I download...I want my credits to get more stuff :-) LOL

  2. I did leave feedback when I purchased the Polar Bear text features. Does that count or does it have to be more recent?