Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Organization Ideas Blog Hop

I am so glad you are here!  Have you been hopping along and getting tons of ideas?

Some people consider me a bit OCD, but I promise I am not :) I like to find things fast. Patience is not one of my virtues. Looking for something must be quick and efficient.  This is why I never shop anywhere where I have to find clothing my size through racks and racks. Not for me.

When it comes to my classroom. I like to know where things are so I can use all my time as efficiently as possible. There. I call myself efficient and OCDish.

Well... let me me share with you how I keep some things organized in my classroom (if you could see my house, you would never believe it, embarrassing!).

I think every teacher gets some kind of file cabinet, right?  If not, hear me out, go get one.  They house millions of files and wherever you need something, there it is! You have to put it back where it belongs though. That is the hard part. I know!  I have a pile of folders (not pictured) that require my attention one of these days. 

My new curriculum uses a daily worksheet for every subject. Here's where the kids place their assignments after WE check them together.  I then proceed to check (quick glance at it for the second time) and then straight to my grade book.
My advice: Do not let those piles pile up or you will regret it. I have to enter my grades daily (due by the following Monday), so there is no chance for me to misplace them.  I used file 13 (AKA the garbage can) before, I cannot do that anymore. I miss file 13.

What to do with all those supplies you have? Store them in boxes...clearly labeled of course.  I have a nice closet where I story all my goodies. 
I though of buying some clear containers (all matchy, matchy) so I could see what is inside, but nah, boxes are free!

Craft supplies galore?  No problem. Do the same thing. Boxes and labels. Crafts coming right up!

You know those forms you use all.the.time?  Well, mine are stored in this file folder thingy. The front folder holds all of my originals and the rest hold all of my forms ready to go whenever I need them. 

I am able to plan my week pretty easily. Lesson 80 on Monday, Lesson 81 on Tuesday, and so on. I guess these are the benefits of teaching homogeneous groups and basals :)  My daily trays help me whip my planning in about 15 minutes. Tops. #dontbejealous

I also like to hide things behind closed doors (my closet). So, a shoe organizer, hanging hooks and voila super duper use of the space. 

My kiddos do not use browsing boxes this year.  I actually order chair pockets (future post). But I thought I could share some labels I made. Freebie anyone?

Please download HERE

Oh!  and continue on with First Grade Frenzy. 

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  1. I love all your organized files! I wish my house was as organized as my classroom too, but I live with other people who seem to be confused by my system. HA! -Jaime