Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Pictures (Linky)

I lied... I have to write too :)

Hubby asked me to research ski places to visit this weekend. My Facebook friends were fabulous and gave me some great ideas. As a good wife, I did my research and sent the hubby all the links. Heard nothing back from him.
Today around 2 :00 I get an e-mail with a link to a nice hotel in Fort Lauderdale and a note saying: Pack your bags. We are on our way to the beach for some R & R. 
I think the kids are coming, so I am not sure how much R & R we will get :)  It is time to shave my legs (TMI???), pack the bathing suits, and celebrate the rest of 2012.

Before I do that. I am linking up to Miss Nelson. I had been meaning to participate for months!

I do not have an Elf. I am sharing pictures from the week prior to Winter break.

We began this tradition three years ago. The boys stay home.
Apparently I have 21 nice students, and just a naughty one :)
For the last two weeks they wrote nice notes to each other. 
Books picked based on interest.
Pure cuteness!
Santa forgot to read my wish list. 
Happy Snapping!


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    1. Thanks! We had a good time. Cool, but nice :)

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    1. I needed to add something to them. The kids LOVED reading their notes.